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zen kitty cbd oil

As a homegrown UK brand formulated by specialists in the CBD field, we believe that everyone deserves to benefit from a little more harmony. That’s why we have developed a premium range of organic CBD products to suit your everyday needs, from topical creams and balms, to skin patches and oral drops and sprays. What’s more, our CBD is produced to the highest quality standards, without chemicals or solvents, and independently lab tested, giving you even more peace of mind. For the purest CBD experience, make it a Zen CBD moment.

There are three different classes of CBD extract. Full spectrum CBD oil contains trace amounts of other cannabinoids as well as flavonoids and a greater range of terpenes, the essential oils found in Cannabis sativa. This creates an ‘entourage effect’—a synergy of mutually-enhancing benefits created by all the botanical compounds working together.

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Moreover, the raw materials are tested both during and at the end of the production for 14 different cannabinoids including CBD/THC content .

Cannabis and hemp plants are ‘phytoremediators’, meaning they absorb everything from the soil they are grown in. Farmers have grown hemp to clean soil that has become contaminated because hemp removes heavy metals and radioactive toxins from polluted soil, even transforming toxins into other harmless substances. If there are even trace amounts of chemicals, pesticides, or any other toxic elements, these will end up in the plant itself. As such, we believe growing organic hemp is really the only way to safely develop it.

CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol—a natural, non-psychoactive concentrate from the hemp plant that has unique benefits. CBD is different from hemp oil (which is a nutritious oil in its own right) in that it is made from the flowers and leaves.

Dogs and cats have endocannabinoid systems, just like us, humans. Having this system means that your cat can process CBD oil just fine and that CBD gives your cat much of the same benefits it provides to us.

If your cat is aloof and unpettable, some CBD oil can help them to calm down and turn them into a real snuggle monster. Or, if your kitty struggles with travel, CBD oil for cats can give them the relaxation they need.

How CBD affects cats

You may like to use CBD oil on your cat’s toys, too, much as you might catnip.

Cats have fewer cannabinoid receptors than dogs. All this means is, you need to up your cat’s dosage—a cat needs twice as much CBD as a dog would.

Research into CBD dosages is still in its initial stages. So, make sure your cat consumes CBD products in moderation.

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