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‘Calmness and more energy, but I was also spending some time doing yoga daily which I usually don’t manage to fit in.’

‘On applying the oil cbd product to the temples I had an immediate boost from the aroma. Very stimulating. I felt an immediate alertness. Energy levels and focus increased. Very alert and very productive.’

‘I didn’t find myself getting overwhelmed in stressful situations.’

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We’ll advise on how to incorporate CBD into your daily routine and maintain balance and harmony in your life.

of participants said that daily use of OTO has helped them manage their confidence.

‘I have definitely been sleeping better and feeling more calm.’

Each of our products comes with our OTOSTRENGTH™ guarantee, ensuring optimum and supportive levels of CBD.

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Joyce Meyer is a New York Times best-selling author and public speaker who passionately shares Christ’s love to people of all ages, from all walks of life. Since 1987, Joyce Meyer Ministries has helped millions of people apply the Bible to everyday life and rely on God’s power to overcome difficult circumstances. Joyce and her husband Dave have been married for more than fifty years and live in St. Louis, Missouri. Their four grown children also live in the St. Louis area and play a vital role in the ministry.


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