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Withdrawal From Opioid Oxycodone

 A Brand New Day 



Sunrise Of First Day Without Oxycodone


No Oxycodone at 6 pm yesterday evening, and none this morning, and I truly believe my last day on the opioid has happened and it was the 23rd of July, 2018. So today is July 24, 2018, and it is my first day of not taking an opioid by my choice. I started this with a great deal of hope when I found out CBD oil would help handle my anxiety and pain. I reduced the pain pill as soon as I saw I could. Last night it seemed the time to stop the opioid and for the first time in a long time, I slept.


I have blogged the story of my coming off Oxycodone, and I don’t know if I am at the beginning of the worst withdrawals or if they are passed. We will find out as this week.


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CBD Oil And Controlling Pain

Pain from withdrawals are a very real problem for there is the cramping of diarrhea and the teeth clenching of cold chills. CBD helps ease the pain of both. Imodium is of great assistance with diarrhea and I hope the chills don’t last long.


The flu-like symptoms that cover all of this include active sinuses that use a lot of tissues and keep you uncomfortable. Tonight there is nausea and I have a low fever, so I will take an Aleve. The Imodium is working for diarrhea, so I will keep up with it. Thank God for the anxiety and pain relief from Him and CBD oil, I couldn’t be happier!


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Mild Withdrawals And Pain Relief


Sorry I haven’t written more today. I just didn’t feel like writing, I started to say thinking, but I have been thinking things over all day! It is 1:00 am and I just now took my midnight medications because I fell asleep early. Cannabis helps with so many different areas of my body, CBD oil being the only kind I use.


1:00 am tells me it is part of the fourth (4) week on CBD oil. I tried my first serving size on July 2, 2018, and today is the 25th now.


I have been Blogging on my main websites concerning my plan to change my pain medication and the process is at the beginning of happening. I am staying on the Lyrica for nerve pain and CBD for long-term chronic pain. CBD oil is making a difference in the severity of the withdrawal symptoms as I come off the Oxycodone.


Here is where I tell you that any advice implied on this website is only for informational purposes. What I tell you about my health applies only to me. Your body and system are different and you need to see your healthcare provider before starting or stopping any medication.



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