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what is jacob hooy cbd oil used for

If you take a look at the results you may be a little bit confused, as I was, because the lab used mg/kg as a unit to present the amount of cannabinoids. However, it’s very easy to convert those numbers into percentages. Therefore, 47,822 mg/kg of CBD becomes 4.78 percent of CBD (both as CBD and CBDA). CBDA is an acidic form of CBD and it has some health benefits. For example, it can lower systemic inflammation in the body.

The oil is in a dark bottle and has a distinctive smell. What I like about the CBD+ 5% CBD oil’s packaging is that the brown bottle protects all of the ingredients from UV light damage. The oil has a flowy consistency and after consumption, it doesn’t leave you with any unpleasant after taste. If you’re sticking to the recommended dose, and you will take only a few drops each time, you shouldn’t find this product unpleasant in taste. On the plus side, this natural taste reinforces that this is premium quality CBD oil.

What do the lab test results say?

On the Jacob Hooy website, we can read that each batch undergoes laboratory testing to ensure the correct content of CBD. Unfortunately, these lab tests are not directly available on the company’s website. I wanted to examine the lab test results for my batch of CBD+ 5% on my own, which is why I sent an email straight to the company. I received the response from Jacob Hooy with attached lab test results within 24 hours. I must admit that I like the fast response from customer service.

Jacob Hooy’s Third Party Lab Results

Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD oil was the first oil I’ve tested after a few weeks break from taking any CBD oil. I started to feel the first effect of this oil after a week or two, but the effects were very mild. The main issue I had at the time was a pain in my knee. I’ve decided to join a salsa class for beginners. I’m not skilled in moving my body in that way, so I quickly started to feel some discomfort in my left knee during dancing. The day after the lesson I could still feel that my knee hadn’t fully recovered, so decided to take a little bit more and it definitely helped me to ease my discomfort. Around the time of my weekly salsa lesson, I always took a little bit more of the Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD oil to be more relaxed and present during my practice.

Compared to the Jacob Hooy 5%, there are a number of other choices.

Put in another way, lower strength products may appear cheaper, however to see any beneficial effects, you would need to take at least double the volume of Jacob Hooy 5% CBD compared to a 10% CBD product. That means you will go through the bottle a lot quicker than expected.

Ultimately when you buy CBD oil you should be able to purchase it with confidence, so that they are certain that you are spending your money on the right product.

Equilibrium CBD Purified Range 500mg CBD Oil 10ml – Spray / Dropper Bottle

We noticed that the product labelling is somewhat unclear in terms of the actual contents. The website, and also the labelling, don’t provide much about what you’re actually consuming, and the product seems to have a relatively small amount of CBD – either 2.75% or 5%.

Although Holland and Barrett CBD is very popular right now, we ask the question if the Jacob Hooy CBD products are in fact good quality, and more importantly do they offer good value for money?

Due to the low CBD potency, in our opinion it would take far too long to see the benefits of using CBD at such low dosages. Many customers are already turning to higher potency products, and are achieving better much better results.

So what are the options?

At Holland & Barrett, Jacob Hooy products are sold as the ‘mid’ or ‘standard’ range, with a more expensive ‘premium’ brand also available. While their main distributor is Holland & Barrett, their products can also be bought from a small number of ‘online only’ retailers.

A few drops a day was enough to take the edge off a tension headache, but it didn’t give me any physical sensations of relaxation or grounding.

Third-Party Lab Tests

This is fairly potent for a 5% oil and gave me a dry mouth after using it. I took it to be an indication of strength! It’s difficult to gauge potency at these lower concentrations but it did everything I expected it to.

When using this oil, I found it to be good as a standard, no frills product. To make make this a regular purchase I would need a lot more information. The only indication that it is full-spectrum came when we contacted Holland & Barrett directly.

The Holland & Barrett website mentions that it is made from high quality raw ingredients and that the THC levels are tested to be below 0.05%, but customers deserve to know more before they spend nearly £30.