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vsavi cbd oil

In 2016, the UK government actually conceded that cannabis has a medicinal effect ; a far cry from the American FDA which still clings to the illusion that the marijuana plant has no medical benefits. As a consequence, the CBD market has taken off in the UK over the last few years, and brands like VSAVI are doing their best to make the most of an incredible opportunity.

It has a Facebook page that has just below 200 likes at the time of writing. The page says that VSAVI’s HQ is in Peterborough, UK, and also shows it is an e-cigarette shop. As concerning as the lack of information is, the company has received enough positive mentions online to suggest it is a legitimate enterprise. This notion is strengthened by the fact that VSAVI is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association in the UK.

Who Are VSAVI?

If you want to return your order, you have 14 days to do so.

There is also a full-spectrum kit, a Vapour2 PRO 3 CBD pen, along with Vapour2’s Series 3 and Series 7 vaporizers. In the accessories section, you can purchase a 3-pack of Ex-blank cartridges for £14.99, a Vapour2 standard battery for £16.25, and a whole lot more. VSAVI sells cleaning kits, grinders, atomizers, replacement pods, charging cables, and clearomizers.

We opted for the apple flavour, and we have to admit, it tasted pretty awesome. One tester was eager to see if it could alleviate the pain in his knee and the effects were noticeable within a few seconds. That is to say; he felt more relaxed and less anxious. It took longer for the pain to subside but it did, and the effects lasted for 4-5 hours.

They use only organically grown hemp – meaning no chemical-based fertilisers, growth agents, insecticides or other unpleasant additives are used during cultivation.

This is again thanks to it being really pure and high grade – which in our estimation makes it considerably better than equivalent “500mg” or “5%” compounds. It’s especially noticeable in their full spectrum oil, with those dozens of additional cannabinoids really capable of making a difference.

Get Money Off

On offer are not just isolates but also ‘full spectrum’ (inclusive of many additional terpenes and cannabinoids) and naturally flavoured e-liquids too.

Most people settle with the natural unflavoured e-liquids. We tested the 300mg option and found it to be a delicate and indeed very lightly fragranced vape.

While it’s not our place to suggest or speculate regarding individual doses and potential benefits, we’d claim from personal experience that even their 500mg strength oil will likely be more useful than many other rival products.

But you can’t get away from the fact that its price point is very good value given the average cost of a bottle of CBD oil – flavoured or unflavoured.

However the chemical that gives a user the so called ‘high’ is removed leaving only the alleged beneficial ingredient in this case the CBD.

What I mean by that is we’re looking at your extremely basic ego style pen with a ‘string’ wicked clearomizer – which the company calls the V2 Ex-Blanks.


This kit is extremely simple to use and is pretty ‘old school’.

As a kit it performs surprisingly well with no wicking issues whatsoever – they’ve kept it simple and it works.

If you want to try CBD then do your research. You can read our CBD guide here.

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