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top o spray benefits

FAST FACTS: Oxygen-enriched formula acts on acne-causing bacteria by penetrating the skin to stop their proliferation; moisturizes to prevent dryness and itching; light aluminum non-pressurized spray canister is easy to use; composed mainly of dissolved oxygen in 80ml volume of water; safe for all ages; can also be used to soothe diaper rashes, skin redness, and allergic reactions; formulated with water, dissolved oxygen, and sea salt

CLAIM TO FAME: A water-based oxygen-rich preparation to instantly boost skin health

PERFECT FOR: Pimple-prone skin

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Topical Oxygen Supplement

CLAIM TO FAME: A water-based oxygen-rich preparation to instantly boost skin health

I first heard of Top-O Spray through my beauty blogger best friend Kail! She recommended me this product while I’m going through an acne, pimply face the past few weeks (I found the culprit! Story soon, please remind me). I hesitated at first. How can a simple facial mist, composed of nothing but sea salt, water, and extra oxygen do wonders for my pimple infested (and itchy) skin? How is it different from mists from Avene or Evian? Besides the fact that this Top-O Spray cheaper (375php for 80ml can). I purchased a bottle last month, and I hoarded 6 last week.

Hold Top-O 3-6 inches from the skin and spray religiously several times a day. The more often you use Top-O, the faster the relief and result. Do not wipe. It is best recommended to leave it to dry by itself.

What is Top-O Spray?

Top-O is a water-based preparation intended for caring and maintaining good and healthy skin condition. It is composed of mainly dissolved oxygen and a tinge of sea salt in 80mL volume of water. It is introduced in lightweight aluminum spray canister for ease of application and convenience in handling.

Then I tried it on… now I’m a believer! Top-O works in an instant! Whew… after spraying it on my face, my skin is instantly relieved of itching due to my cystic pimples. I keep a bottle handy in my bag for instant freshness too. I gave another bottle for my lola who is battling with eczema and she told me it has helped her a lot because she doesn’t have to rely on expensive medicated creams anymore.

Find out why I re-purchased and why I highly recommend this product for you to try! Read on until the end of the post for the full review.