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top cannabis sites

Review sites evaluate different strains of cannabis and also review products and accessories related to using cannabis including vaporizers, pipes, bongs, and grinders. The best review sites buy the products and offer in depth review, like the ones you see here at

Cannabis information websites are focused on providing information on dispensaries, weed strains, and local cannabis laws.

Cannabis blogs are generally personal blogs by those who smoke cannabis. Often these people have unique situations that make there enjoyment of cannabis interesting or controversial.


These are the best websites for cannabis news. Each one of these sites update their content regularly so that you can be up to date on issues like legalization, cannabis economics, politics, etc.

We will break these resources down to the categories of news, information, reviews, and blogs. Some of these will be well known and others may not be popular but should be. If you have any other websites or resources that you feel should be included on this list be sure to let us know.

As cannabis advocates, has done a lot of surfing the web on different cannabis-related websites. It can be hard to find the best since there are so many out there and it can sometimes be tough to find good resources through search engines. Because of this we decided to create this list of the best cannabis websites on the internet.

We know this isn’t an all inclusive list. If you have suggestions for other sites let us know. Be aware that there is no guarantee that your recommendation will be included as inclusion to this list is based on merit.

There are some celebrities who are synonymous with cannabis. While some try to hide their recreational use others build a brand around it and link their public image to the herb that we all love so much. Tommy Chong for example, built his entire career around smoking weed, starting as part of the hit comedy due from the 70’s “Cheech & Chong”. Who would have guessed that this goofy stereotype stoner would go on to build a successful cannabis brand and push the marijuana industry forward almost 50 years later?

Tommy Chong has gone from being Americas favorite stoner (sorry Cheech) to being a rather sophisticated and classy gentleman. This is beautifully summed up in his website Chong’s Choice. Big bold sans serif lettering working in harmony with softer serif fonts. The store features his popular clothing line and is seamlessly integrated with the wordpress solution.

Marley Natural
Bob Marley

The large imagery and big bold lettering makes the navigation easy and the video in the header keeps the visitor interested past the initial excitement.

In this article we take a look at some of the best cannabis web design of 2021 and the brands behind the designs. Read more below…

The design of the Marley Naturals website is as smooth as reggae music from the legend himself. The site is right in tuned with the profile of Bob Marley with its sun-faded colors and clear message. The logo and much of the branding is made by the high end Seattle design agency Heckler Associates and it’s clear that no expense was spared.

The Mango Cannabis website is optimized for mobile, easy to navigate, and features subtle animations that bring an otherwise static page to life. Their website also includes links to shop from any of their locations, with seamlessly-integrated Weedmaps menus.

An emerging trend for dispensaries is to categorize their cannabis products into solutions to specific problems. It’s less about indica and sativa, and about “energized” or “calm.” Some brands also include product reviews so customers can learn more before they buy.

Curio also offers educational events as well as a holistic pharmacy that provides other health-boosting supplements in addition to cannabis.

Mango Cannabis

Based in Oklahoma, this multi-location dispensary brand opts for a darker palette, with beautiful consistency in color, graphics, and imagery.

The best sites increase engagement with their audience (and with Google) by keeping their original content fresh and informative, whether in the form of blogs, videos, or social media posts. Even if you aren’t blogging, always keep your site current.

Nevada dispensary, Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, distinguishes itself in many ways. Their website is well-organized, informative, and easy to navigate.

They have also established themselves as a thought leader in the cannabis space, using their website not just to advertise locations and make sales, but to educate their customers, especially those new to cannabis.