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tasty cbd oil

At the recommended serving size, this product will last up to 2 months with consistent use.

These flavored CBD oil drops are sublingual, which means they go under your tongue. Using the dropper, simply draw the recommended serving (30 drops) from the bottle and place under your tongue.

Hold for 60 to 90 seconds to allow for maximum absorption, and then swallow.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with any CBD product, when you start using a CBD tincture, you should follow the guidance on the packaging closely. We suggest starting with the lowest recommended serving size (usually half a dropper, once or twice a day), and building up to a serving that works for you and your circumstances.

Here you can view and download the Certificates Of Analysis (COAs) for Tasty CBD Drops. The COAs reflect third-party testing for potency and purity of contaminants.

Contains: Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, MCT Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic and Natural Flavors, Stevia, Terpenes

300mg CBD, 500mg CBD, 1000mg CBD, 1500mg CBD

While some CBD tinctures carry a very earthy natural tasting flavor profile, Tasty Drops looks to deliver blasts of delicious flavors every time you take your daily dose of CBD!

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CBD Strength:

Taking your daily dose of CBD has never been more inviting!

The full spectrum CBD is complimented by Tasty Hemp Oil’s proprietary mix of all natural terpenes, which allows you to experience the full effect of the CBD in action!

With the Berry, Spearmint, and Vanilla Tasty Drop flavors, you will never again have to dread taking your daily does of CBD!

Tasty CBD Drops by Tasty Hemp Oil™ are sublingual (under the tongue) tinctures made with raw hemp oil extract. These tinctures are made with a proprietary blend of cannabinoids to support a healthy lifestyle.

The Tasty Hemp Oil tinctures are made in the USA from industrial hemp. Tasty Drops have a high concentration of CBD and are laboratory tested for reliability. Tasty Hemp Oil formulates their tinctures with premium grown hemp, containing less than 0.3% THC and therefore non-intoxicating. These hemp oil tinctures are legal to purchase online without a medical card.

How to Use Tasty Drops CBD Tincture

Tasty Drops are available in a 1oz (30ml) size bottle with 300mg CBD, as well as a brand new extra strength version with 1,000mg. A serving of 30 drops (1/2 dropper full) offers 6.42mg CBD or 21.3mg CBD per serving in the extra strength version.

The manufacturer’s recommended serving size is 30 drops once or twice a day. While this serving size may be perfect for some people, it’s important to understand everyone is different and thus their CBD needs may be different. There is no standard serving size for hemp oil; we encourage you to experiment to find your best regimen. Learn how to use Tasty Drops by watching the video below.