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spectrum third party verification number

This is not a scam. Look up FCC guidelines for third party verifications. This is protecting you, the consumer, from being slammed.

Did not leave a voicemail. Called back – the message says “Thank you for calling Voice Log”. They are attempting to do something for Charter because I just signed up. The Voice Log website says “VoiceLog offers automated third party verification solutions.”

Authorized Switching Methods

Your telephone service cannot legally be switched from your existing authorized telephone company to a new company unless the new company verifies the switch by one of the following methods:

uses an independent third party to verify your oral authorization to switch;
provides and obtains your signature on a letter that indicates, in writing, that you want to switch authorized telephone companies; or
provides a toll-free number that you can call to confirm the order to switch authorized telephone companies.
NOTE: The Communications Act and FCC slamming rules make telephone companies responsible for the acts of their agents, including their telemarketers.

With the development of communication 5G networks and technologies, spectrum resources are increasingly scarce. The scarcity of the spectrum resource makes market-driven spectrum auction become an important means of spectrum allocation, and due to the complexity of the network environment, the security of spectrum auctions can not be ignored. Most existing secure spectrum auction schemes introduce a semi-honest agent to complete spectrum auction. However, the hypothetical semi-honest model does not guarantee the security of spectrum auction in the actual application scenario, which may lead to potential security threats: the agent may reveal the privacy of bidders, agent or auctioneer may collude with the bidder to manipulate the spectrum auction, and so on. In this paper, a secure spectrum auction scheme without a trusted party is proposed based on the smart contract technology, and the smart contract written into the blockchain replaces the traditional semi-honest agent to cooperate with the auctioneer server to complete the auction. In order to ensure the security of our scheme, a secure spectrum auction protocol is designed, in which the Software Guard Extensions (SGX) technology and Paillier cryptosystem are used to protect the privacy of bidders. Public verification is provided in our protocol by using extensive Pedersen commitment, which prevents the auctioneer server and the bidder from colluding with each other and verifies group bid sum values. Finally, the security analysis is given to propose several types of attacks that can be defended. Besides, theoretical analysis and simulation experiments of our protocol are also provided.

Jiaqi Wang. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. Her current research interests include network information security and spectrum auction security (email: [email protected] ).

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All workers shall be at least eighteen (18) years old unless the applicable local law allows otherwise. Suppliers must maintain official and verifiable documentation of each worker’s date of birth, or lacking this documentation, have some legitimate means of confirming each worker’s age. Harmful Child Labor is prohibited. Spectrum will not conduct business with Suppliers employing Child Labor.

All documentation that may be needed to verify compliance with Spectrum’s Code of Conduct, and all the applicable laws and regulations of the country where the materials and products are produced must be maintained on-site at the Facilities where the materials are processed or produced or the goods manufactured. All such documentation is to be made available upon the request of Spectrum or its third-party auditor. Where possible, Suppliers will post a copy of this Supplier Code of Conduct in its Facilities.


Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws regarding data privacy laws and the appropriate use of personally identifiable information (“PII”). PII is generally defined as any information that identifies an individual – such as name, physical address, email address, employee ID, government ID, photograph, or any combination of information that might identify an individual. Suppliers must take appropriate actions to secure PPI and prevent its improper disclosure or unauthorized access. Suppliers must not collect, access, use, retain or disclose PII except pursuant to relevant and appropriate business purposes and in accordance with applicable laws.

Operating on a global basis, Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries, controlled affiliates and joint ventures (“Spectrum”) is committed to the highest standards of product safety and quality and business integrity when we are dealing with our customers, suppliers, business associates and employees. Spectrum is committed to ensuring that working conditions in the supply chain are safe, that working rights are protected, workers are treated respecting the cultural and legal differences found throughout the world, and that manufacturing processes are environmentally and socially responsible. To these ends, Spectrum:

The undersigned warrants and represents that (s)he is the __________________ of Supplier, has authority to bind the Supplier to comply with the terms of the Code and acknowledges Supplier’s responsibility to adhere to the Code. Supplier certifies that the products it sells to Spectrum comply with the laws of the country where Supplier does business.