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shark shock cbd oil

Shark Shock is a CBD-rich cross of the original Shark Shock and an unnamed CBD-rich variety. It is an 80% indica-dominant strain that boasts big harvests and very fast flowering times.

It has a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio, usually boasting about 6% of each cannabinoid. Given these low concentrations, it produces very subtle psychoactive effects and a gentle relaxation. This makes it a great daytime strain, especially for medical patients looking to medicate with just a mild dose of CBD or THC.

Shark Shock CBD can be grown both indoors and outdoors and, given the right conditions, produces heavy harvests of up to 500g/m² or 900g per plant. Flowering usually takes around 55 days, by which time the plant is usually big, bulky, and extremely aromatic.

Despite performing well both indoors and outdoors, it is in dry, temperate or Mediterranean climates that she thrives. If we, unfortunately, don’t live in a region with these weather conditions and we still want to grow outdoors, we’d better do so under the protection of a greenhouse.

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Shark Shock CBD is the perfect strain for those looking for good yields in a remarkably short time because she can indeed produce incredibly bountiful crops very fast (55 days of flowering). After this time, you’ll be able to stock your pantry with amazing CBD-rich buds.

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Smoke report: its a mix flavors, sometimes fruity, sometimes minty or garlic like. High is very soft,smooth, i like it because it doesnt make me fell asleep so fast, makes you a bit hungry and your mouth tends to get dry.

Shark Shock CBD

The high is a very relaxing. Great for anxiety and stress relief. The buds smell strong of garlic. Please excuse the shitty trim job lol.

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Easy strain, 100% recommended for beginners like me. Very resilient, she smells like garlic a lot. I decided to grow a small plant because i still looking for my THC:CBD best ratio for daily use. I havent tried it yet.

Shark Shock CBD

Shark Shock CBD

Shark Shock CBD is a CBD rich hybrid of Quimiotipo CBD and Shark Shock. The variety is high-yielding, has medicinal properties and a well-balanced effect. The plant grows quickly (only 55 days) and has a compact form with numerous branches. It is well grown in adequate conditions and in a dry temperate climate. Its buds are saturated with resin. The strain has a rich aroma and taste, with garlic notes. Shark Shock CBD gives a relaxing effect that is better suited for the evening. It also copes well with insomnia, stress, muscle pain, and stimulates appetite. The strain is suitable for fans of the balanced effect of cannabis and high yields.