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pure science lab cbd hemp oil

We have deep respect for the intention behind Pure Science Lab to help people with pain and anxiety without the addiction risk or side effects from prescriptions. They hit the quality mark with domestically sourced hemp from organic farms and CO2 extraction, and they earn the Safety Badge as well.

Pure Science Lab was founded with genuine intention by a longtime sufferer of Crohn’s disease to bring CBD oil for pain and anxiety to the masses. The company has an extensive product line with all the bells and whistles, featuring both CBD isolate and full spectrum options. With up-to-date tests posted for potency and contaminants and clean processes, Pure Science Lab proves to be a solid and reliable vendor.

On another positive note, Pure Science Lab offers a military discount of 25% on all CBD products for active personnel and veterans. We consider charity a factor in our rating system, since the health benefits of CBD are astoundingly promising and should be accessible to all who need them. This movement toward natural health solutions isn’t only for the wealthy, and we applaud companies like Pure Science Lab who provide discount programs for those in need.

The line is mostly clean, but we must disclose that we found sodium hydroxymethylglycinate in their CBD pain relief gel, a preservative that releases formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic impurity. There’s also titanium dioxide, an inorganic and dicey compound, in the aforementioned gel, the CBD sensitive skin cream, and the CBD gummies (these also have artificial colors). Other than that, we like what we see.

Pure Science Lab posts cannabinoid profiles for each SKU, so we know that the CBD advertised matches what’s in the bottle and that THC levels are legal. They test their batches of full spectrum cannabidiol and isolate for contaminants, including heavy metals, residual solvents, microbiology (harmful bacteria), and pesticides. This is exactly what we require for the Safety Badge, and we’d like to see more companies follow these stellar protocols.

Pure Science Lab does have an official page on Facebook, but it does not seem like any reviews have been posted there yet. This does make it harder to obtain an unbiased overview of its products. We were, however, able to find a number of reviews published on its official website. Product reviews can be found on the individual product pages—though not every product had been reviewed.

“This product works miracles on my autoimmune disease, arthritis, and chronic pain. Thanks for the quick delivery on the last order. Thanks for being in business.”

“Within minutes of taking your CBD drops, I felt some of my pent-up stress and anxiety begin to fade away.”

Pure Science Lab Product Pricing

The negative reviews seemed to center around the prices of Pure Science Lab product. It seems like there are a number of customers who find the products to be too pricey.

“It’s a little rough to take, but it’s worth it! Great product! Love this stuff!! Could be a little cheaper!”

“I have fibromyalgia. I think it does help me maybe 50%. I’ve used cannabis before, and it makes my muscles feel better and gives me energy. I notice less fatigue since I use less of my prescription meds with this product.”

Of the reviews we did see, the average customer seemed satisfied with the potency and overall efficacy of Pure Science Lab’s CBD oil products. We didn’t find many complaints among the reviews that were posted at the time of writing this overview.

There are no other flavors or ingredients other than hemp and MCT.

3.4 / 5

One of the most important aspects of any CBD company or brand’s image is a well-structured, easy to navigate website with clear images, links, and educational resources.

C) Pure Science Lab CBD for Pets Organic CBD Hemp Oil

26.66 – 166.67 mg/mL

Cost per mg CBD:

This product claims to deliver 4 mg of CBD per drop with 400 drops per bottle. This means you would get about 4-6 months of use at 2-3 drops per day.

Surprisingly, there’s no indication of what flavor the soft chews come in, so if your dog has a specific palate, be aware. However, this serves as an alternative to the Jerky Crunch for dogs with sensitive teeth.