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organico cbd oil

Buy CBD Oil now in Ireland. There has been huge interest in CBD for a while now as a safe non psychoactive food supplement. We have selected some high quality, high potency CBD and Hemp Extracts. Cannabinoids are the primary chemical compounds produced by hemp plants and CBD is one that has been shown in a number of research studies to be very effective. These products are all safely and legally for sale in Ireland as Food Supplements for improving and maintaining general health and wellbeing

CBD is temporarily unavailable from our Online Store. We still have CBD in stock in Bantry, so if you would like to purchase over the phone please call 02751391 to place your order. Monday-Saturday 9.30am -6pm.

Brands we currently stock are CB1 Botanicals, The Hemp Company, Medihemp and Cibdol.

CBD oil—you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! With lots of experience in selling CBD oil, we’ve had the chance to learn a lot about the brands we carry and get lots of customer feedback. See all of our insights about CBD oil and the products at Organico in this ultimate guide.

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Here are the CBD brands that are up to our standards:

And while CBD oil and hemp oil are both made from the hemp plant, the two oils are not the same. CBD oil is made from the buds and flowers of the plant whereas hemp oil is pressed from the seeds.

The CBD oil we stock is made out of the buds and flowers of the hemp plant, a plant with the botanic name Cannabis sativa. The active ingredients of CBD are classified as cannabinoids but their characteristics are non-hallucinogenic, so none of our CBD oil has psychoactive effects. CBD and THC are both cannabinoids from the cannabis family of plants, but THC produces a ‘high’ and CBD doesn’t.

This certified organic CBD Oil is made in Austria and is among the best quality and most comprehensive in Europe.

Great product and very fast delivery

Tried this product on our 5 year old pitbull/lab. He was super hyper, trying to scratch an itch on his tail (allergies), I gave him an little bit of the tincture and 5 min later he was cool as a cucumber. Plan on using this product for the 4th of July celebration. Our pup hates fireworks and gets super anxious.


Organico Wellness has some of the best tasting CBD products I have tried. The are very affective as well. I recently have had some wrist pains and have been using the topical, after about 10 min the pain in my wrist starts to go away. The gummies I have been taking before bed and have been having great night sleeps and waking up with no pain or anxiety. I highly recommend their products to anyone who has thought about trying CBD.

I’ve tried different CBD topical products with no success before but this one really changed my mind about the topicals. I often work out and recently hurt my wrist somehow. The pain and inflammation went on for about couple weeks and was looking like it would take another week to heal. Well I tried this salve on the area to hopefully get a relief from the pain and I was pleasantly surprised that it actually helped my wrist heal so quick within a couple days! You would think it’s a coincidence but it wasn’t. I’ve hurt my elbow not so long after and I immediately turned to my salve. This thing saved me once again! For me, this little thing is my life saver. It’s way more effective than Icy hot and does way more for the body.

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