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north star cbd oil

I am still feeling a touch relaxed, a lingering cerebral lightness, and a smidge of an elevated sense of contentment.

November 2019 – 1g order of North Star CBD

Have been able to diligently focus on work. Effect is really fading. Light sense of excitement. Overall mood has returned to baseline.

Irregularities With My First Order

Not as dry as some. light smell?

Started making a batch of playdough for the little one. Once I was up and moving to get everything organized I felt like the impact was a little more pronounced again and my mood improved. I was short on salt so finishing project playdough will have to wait until tonight. I proceeded to put away dishes and wash our drying rack.

North Star CBD Trichome Macro

So I tested out daily use of this strain. Initially, I did I five day run with doses at around .03g-0.05g. On another occasion I did 5 days at 0.09g. By the end of each 5 day period, I no longer felt much of the floating on a cloud sensation. I also experienced less of the mood enhancing effects. It’s possible that by consuming daily, it became more a matter of routine, and change in experience had to do with consumption being less of a special event. What I suspect is more likely, is that my body was developing a tolerance to the aspects of the effects related to the mild THC content.

Crafted from a CBD-heavy strain, these premium soft gels have a well-balanced aroma with notes of earth, fruit and clove.

Disclaimer: While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our inventory levels, we cannot ensure that all products are available at time of fulfillment.

Product Availability

80 Chilkoot Way
Whitehorse YT Y1A 6T5

A good dose per capsule and good value with 30 capsules in the container. 10/10 sleeps and helped me relax.

80 Chilkoot Way
Whitehorse YT Y1A 6T5