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Anxiety Needs A Natural

Herbal Remedy

In this Blog, I will record my lifelong search for an anxiety medicine that ended up being Natural Remedy CBD! At the age of sixty-eight, I discovered CBD Oil and it is neither addictive or sedating!

More than anything else life has taught me that what is natural and Godgiven is the best!

First of all, we were given each other, and what a gift that was!

This begins with me welcoming YOU to my website. I blog here about things that are important to me and I hope are important to you! I am sure as time passes those of you that find what I have to say are a little bit important to you.

To continue, I hope you will keep coming back for more of the same! I seldom change my mind, although I invite any of you to send me an email and tell me your point of view.

But I must tell you right now, I am sixty-seven almost sixty-eight, and I am pretty set in my ways. Now, may I tell you a bit about myself?

I found when I was in early grades in school, I couldn’t get in front of the class and give a speech. The teacher didn’t understand, and I didn’t blame her for in my seat she could not keep me quiet!

First time I had to stand up in front of all of those faces, I got physically sick and could not do it.

Then and now, I felt for every other child who was sick like I was in front of people. In 1955 we did not know what to call it, but I was having anxiety attacks. No one had dreamed of that yet.

Anxiety And Book Reports

I made it through high school with good grades for I loved reading and for whatever class I would do extra written reports instead of oral reports. In my senior year, I was in English Literature class, and I was doing my usual begging to be allowed to do extra work in a written presentation.

Mrs. Ellen Thorpe would have none of it. She said, “You need to control yourself. If you can’t do like everyone else, then you need a psychiatrist!”

I answered her that she was right and left. If I had not of had a solid ninety-eight in that class, I would have failed senior English for that literature presentation counted one-third of my semester grade.

Because of my problem and her way of dealing with it, I would not have been able to graduate with my class. I will never forget her face, her name, or what she said.

CBDBioCare Sold Here
CBDBioCare Sold Here

When I graduated and had my own job, I went to a doctor whose office was near to my home and ask if I needed a psychiatrist. First, he said, let’s try something for your nerves. I didn’t want nerve pills. I threw the prescription away and went horseback riding alone.

Throughout the many years, doctors were always glad to give me medication for my ‘ nerves’. Always it was something narcotic and usually something I shouldn’t have been given due to the depression I dealt with constantly.

Anxiety And Pain And 1968

In 1968, that April that happened to me, I also doubled-up with pain in my stomach when they said on the news Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and killed only 15 miles from where we were living in Memphis. He was a great man, and I admired him and do even more today.

But that is not the reason I doubled up, or that I had been so sick that morning in the nurse’s office at school. My appendix ruptured and I was in surgery at 11 pm the following day!

Herbs, Roots, Plants, Flowers

Learning Herbal Remedies

Graduating from a Vo-Technical High School, I was prepared for college or to go to work. Three days after graduating from high school, I received a call from a lithographer to set cold type. I was thrilled to be offered the job and gladly accepted it.

Training at IBM and then working for a wonderful, gentle, woman, Mrs. Hubbard. I can’t remember her first name, but, I tell you, I would never have presumed to have called her by her first name. I think her name was Eileen, but if her son reads this, I don’t want to get it wrong!

Now after work, there were no more long book reports to write! My time was my own and I could study and learn what I wanted, and I wanted some answers.

Enjoying riding my horse, I liked being outside and learning about plants, roots, seeds, and flowers from the older people.

When I went to the holistic herb store I listened to what she said. I remembered some that my Grandmother Tela had taught me, and her mother was half Cherokee Indian, so that had been Indian folklore teaching.

Natural Herbal Remedy

I am trying to give you gentle readers, a picture of my life of anxiety, and I am not trying to tell you of my physical problems for I don’t want to overwhelm you with whining ?

I have always wanted a natural herbal remedy for my anxiety and pain and I have found it! And I told you on my other websites if I ever found something that really worked, I would share it with all of you!

It is going to be a surprise for those of you that just know of me mostly taking my prescription medication, and I don’t talk much about how I do truly believe in herbal supplements and teas!

I have my remedies, but this concentrated full spectrum natural herbal oil goes to anxiety and pain control both, and I need help for both.

I am not promising this for anyone else but for me, I am looking for some CBD healing!


CBD Oil For Pain and Anxiety

First I was looking for the best thing for small children and babies for seizures, for my seizures started when I was two years old. Then is when I first heard of CBD oil, and then I started really studying for CBD oil is highly recommended for seizures.

The more I study the full spectrum of natural herbal hemp oil from CBD BioCare is of the purest kind. It is organically grown in the United States, not shipped in from some foreign field, but our fine State of Kentucky.

CBD oil is thought well of for anxiety and pain. I can’t believe it! It’s too good to be true, but it is!

CBDBioCare Oil

CBD Is It a Legal Form of Cannabis

Now I have to look further into CBD oil and other CBD products and the first thing my husband wants to know is, “Is it legal?”

“Yes, it is legal in all 50 states!” I said because it is the first thing I wanted to know, too! Along with many other  things I looked at like, cost and availability. I found I could buy it online and in some stores. Next, I wanted to be sure of before I told you about it and started selling it, is DOES IT WORK?

And I can say YES, it worked immediately for my anxiety! As the days pass I try the CBD oil every day on schedule for my anxiety, and I find myself not rushing to my pain pills! I am hoping for very much. I will be sure to update.

image of 4 bottles CBD Oil

From my first drops of oil on a Tuesday evening to realizing on the following Sunday morning I was not waking up in the same amount of bone searing pain but only a manageable pain that I could tolerate until the pain pill took effect amazed me!

I immediately texted my daughter to tell her. She knows the amount of pain I cope with on a daily basis and she was exceptionally happy for me!

I am happy to do this! I want all of you to find these Products and have a more comfortable life!

I am selling CBD oil and other CBD Products on this website! I am so pleased with my new found, natural, herbal remedy I developed a new website for it! And here it is!

As a Sales Representative for CBDBioCare, I can offer you the opportunity to be a Sales Representative, some think Affiliate for this fine company! Follow the Button below to my CBDBioCare Website! JOIN ME IN PROFIT &  HEALTH!    

BCBDBioCare Products

CBDBioCare Products

I must remind everyone, I am not a medical physician. Anything said herein about health is for informational purposes only.

I cannot advise anyone about their health or recommend a substance as a treatment for or diagnosis of an illness. I can only tell the the way it is in my life.


June 4, 2018 Original Post
January 10, 2020 Update

2 Replies to “Natural Remedy CBD”

  1. I am glad that CBD has been a help to you. I am 86 years old and learned about herbal supplements from my mother who lived to age 96. CBD has been a help to me in controlling my depression and giving me a general feeling of wellbeing. I have found that it is not addictive and I like that because I do not want to be addicted to any substance, idea or person.
    To live a long life visit my site and follow my link to Dr. Al Sears he sells CQ10 and other herbal supplements that helps with energy, immunity and brain power. He has a clinic that treats cancer with oxygen. He also publishes a weekly newsletter on health issues.
    Thank you so much for telling the public about the wonders of CBD.

    1. Hello Ray, Thank you for your generous and informative comment! I was very pleased to hear all that CBD has done for you! It will be a pleasure to visit your website as I am very interested in what you have to say! Dr. Al Sears sounds like a wonderful person, and a real proponent of health for everyone! Again, thank you for taking the time to give me your thoughts! Janice

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