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my club 8 cbd oil

My Club 8 now pay commissions on the sale of products to retail customers and purchases by downline affiliates down three levels of recruitment (unilevel):

Post launch My Club 8 did switch compensation plans, although the one referenced above was ditched at the end of April.

My Club 8’s compensation plan is about as simple as you can get and is about as bare-bones MLM as you can get.

The My Club 8 Compensation Plan

MLM companies don’t refer to themselves as “buyer’s clubs”, and the claim My Club 8 isn’t about their products is certainly strange.

Today we take a look at and review My Club 8’s current MLM offering.

In prelaunch this might have been excusable (up to a point), but for an MLM company that has since well and truly launch it’s unacceptable.

Post launch though My Club 8 has expanded their hemp-based product line:

Right now, My Club 8 is pushing hard in a membership drive that encourages you to recruit heavily in order to make a few bucks on the side, all the while enjoying Laguna Blends’ “miraculous” Nano Drops product.

Members can also gain shares to up to five “bonus pools,” which are each made up of $5 from each affiliate membership fee paid. The more affiliates you recruit, your shares of these five pools increase.

Grimm has a checkered past.

My Club 8 Opportunity

After recruiting 6 affiliates, you can receive commissions 20 levels deep; 11 recruits enables earnings on 50 unilevel teams; 16 nets 75 unilevel teams, and 21 yields earnings on 100 unilevel teams.

Purchasing a membership entitles a member to receive two bottles of the company’s “Nano Drops” product, a CBD oil supplement designed to be added to drinks in order to gain “the Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant, [and] Neuroprotective benefits of Hemp CBD.”

My Club 8 is an affiliate marketing company that focuses on health products made with cannabinoid oil (CBD oil) sourced from hemp. The company is currently accepting prelaunch memberships.

In essence, it’s little more than a pyramid scheme with a bonus gift as a fig leaf.