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med marijuana seed oil gel caps reviews

What Are The chances Of Failing A Drug Screening Test?

Can I overdose?

Can I Become Addictied?

Contains No GMO! No Pesticides.

There are 45 nutrients the human body cannot live without, nor can our bodies manufacture.

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil – Gel Capsules

These include 24 minerals, 13 vitamins, and 8 amino acids. No single food has all of them.

I started taking this one month ago and have felt better than I’ve felt in years. I have more energy and just an over-all good feeling.

Cody has had Fibromyalgia along with coexisting IBS, Chronic Fatigue and Irritability for 5+ years. After only 2 days his stomach felt amazing, no more cramps or diarrhea. Less than a week of taking them he told me “It is so nice to not be in pain constantly.” Day 4 he woke up and said “Nothing like waking up at 7:00 feeling like you slept in!” His irritability improved immediately too – one morning on the way out the door he said “My attitude is gratitude!” Cody used to come home from work in so much pain the first thing he would do is grab his heat pack and retire to the couch. Now I have to call him in from his wood shop at bedtime! He’s never been one to take pills, vitamins or otherwise. If results aren’t felt immediately you’ve lost him. The first few days I was serving them, but I knew it was helping when I witnessed him open the bottle.

I would just like to thank Cyndal Johnston for helping out my wife. She has now gone 2 days without getting violently ill in the morning. Plus she has more energy now to do things and also her joints are not hurting as much. The cannabis sativa seed oil gelcaps is a great product and would recommend this to anyone with chronic nausea…joint pains and lack of energy. Thank you for helping make my wife’s day a little easier for her. It really is the first time In 4 years that my wife has not woken up and got extremely sick….ya…it makes for a happy household. This is going to do more than just make her feel better…it will improve on our relationship…so for that I say thank you thank you

Thanks so much

I’ve not had to take a pain pill since using this product!

My name is Cheryl and I have been suffering with pain in my right foot for approximately five years. In December 2001 I had a flare-up in my left foot, the pain was very severe in addition to swelling my ankle. The pain prevented me from taking my daily walks.
I was introduced to Med Marijuana in January 2002. I started with 1 capsule 3 times a day for the first ten days, then 1 capsule twice a day for one week, now one capsule a day.
After taking Med Marijuana for just one week I was able to resume my daily walks. I started with short walks at first but quickly returned to my regular schedule. I can honestly say that your product put me back on track & I enjoy walking as always.

Ontario, Canada