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kannaway cbd oil reviews

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Kannaway was one of the very first companies in the United States to sell products that contain cannabidiol obtained from hemp plants after it was legal to do so. The company was initially launched in 2009 and has since seen a significant growth. While Kannaway does sell directly to the public, the company also focuses on collaboration and recruiting people to become brand ambassadors for the company. Over the years, Kannaway has gained the trust of thousands of customers. To that end, the company not only has a large and established customer base but also a significant number of people who represent the brand.

Customer Reviews And Opinions

This brings us to Kannaway, a company that focuses on providing 100% natural products to its customers. This company was built not only on the foundation of offering high-quality CBD oils and other products but also on providing their customers with educational resources that explain exactly what they need to know about these items. We take a closer look at Kannaway in this article, including laboratory reports, the products the company produces, and what customers have to say about the brand.

Kannaway will not accept returns of products that have been opened. Products must in re-saleable condition. It is also important to note that the company does not provide a refund on any shipping fees.

“Very professional company with quality products and exceptional customer service.”

A number of individuals have left reviews on different online properties, including social media, that represent Kannaway. Overall, we found that people seem to like Kannaway and trust its products. Many customers also viewed Kannaway’s customer service as professional and useful, and found the brand ambassador business opportunity to be an advantage.

Bottom Line – We recognize Kannaway as an innovator, considering both their Bibong ® CBD Herbal Blend and the fact that they are the first direct sales company we’ve seen in this space that covers all the bases. Even though we’ve traditionally been reticent to award high marks to these types of businesses, we tip our hats to Kannaway for promoting excellence in safety and ethics.

We carefully examined each of Kannaway’s ingredients, and we approve of all of them with the exception of polysorbate-20, a chemical emollient agent with low risk toxicity, in the skincare line. And we’re very pleased with their charitable practices; Kannaway is intimately involved with ECHO, a nonprofit that provides support for individuals in need of cannabinoids

Kannaway operates on the direct sales model, soliciting global ambassadors to distribute their products. They equate to the Mary Kay of the CBD sphere with teams around the world counted among the Kannaway family. We’ve seen this model before, and most often, the direct sales CBD businesses tend to be lacking when it comes to our methodology. But we have to hand it to Kannaway. They check all the boxes, and although we’re historically suspicious of their business model, their products and processes are sound.

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Kannaway has a massive global operation, an exceedingly large product line, and a website overwhelmed with content. Their process begins with non-GMO, sustainable hemp grown in Northern Europe sans chemical growing agents. They pride themselves on stringent testing protocols. The first round of testing occurs after harvest, followed by the arrival to the U.S., and concludes with each batch of final product. ProVerde Laboratories and Food Safety Net Services conduct said tests for potency and contaminants. We applaud Kannaway for their transparency and industry-leading standards for testing.

Get ready, Kannaway packs a whopping product line broken up into five segments. The first, flagship line has what you’d expect: premium oil, salve, energy chews, vape pens and cartridges, and capsules. But there’s an interesting product that stands out: flash-distilled humulus oil. The CBD is sourced from the flowers of the humulus kriya plant, not industrial hemp. They’re not the only one in the game procuring humulus, but it’s certainly uncommon at this point. Kannaway also has a pet line, a skincare line, and clothing made from hemp. The final product category called Rev!ve features three formulations of Kannaway’s proprietary Bibong ® CBD Herbal Blend, a combination of CBD with Bi-bong herbs. The Bi-bong herbal formula is an ancient mixture from East Asia whose power lies in its specific combination of potent herbs. Pretty cool stuff.

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Kannaway is a company that manufactures and markets CBD supplements sourced from one of the world’s oldest natural resources – cannabis. They are a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana Inc. which is one of the pioneer companies in the CBD space. They helped break down many of the barriers that prevented CBD being brought to market. From technology to production and extraction they have been at the forefront of the industry.

They have quite an extensive product line. This includes salves for topical use. Premium oils, capsules and Vape pens. They also have beauty and skin care products as well as a line of pet meds.

Kannaway Product Overview

This is a great dietary supplement that helps with a lot of wellness issues. From personal experience I can say that it really helped with my anxiety, stress and sleep. Of note here, is that in 2019 Pure Gold was the first CBD product to be included in the Prescriber’s Digital Reference (PDR). Also, known as the Physicians Desk Reference, this is an invaluable resource to support the prescribing decisions of health professionals.

Kannaway’s Pure Gold scores 46 out of 50 from me.

I am using a scale of 1-10 to rate this product in the following categories. Quality, Safety, Labeling, Price and Charity.