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is cbd oil legal in israel

I am a Spanish citizen who lives in Israel for the past 5 years , and I would like to know where I can buy CBD oil in Israel . Is it legal to sell it in Israel ?
Thank you .

By law selling CBD oil or any CBD products is not legal in Israel .
According to the Israeli law, any substance that is produced from the Cannabis plant is illegal and therefore also CBD oil isn’t legal.
The Ministry of Health in Israel is leading a reform to allow the use and the selling of CBD products in Israel , but this reform is stuck because of the instability of the government and the coming elections.

Shipping CBD products to Israel

Most Israeli CBD consumers buy the CBD product they need from online CBD shops located outside Israel.

According to the magazine, the guidelines provided criteria for assessing the severity of the cultivation offence. These included factoring in the number of plants, the amount of planning involved (e.g. if the grower had rented premises specifically for cannabis cultivation), previous criminal offences and the quantity of cannabis produced.

As such, the law changed, providing Israel with the opportunity to cash in on the ‘green rush’. Some experts highlight the financial opportunities, especially given that hemp grows so well in the country. As of 2019, eight companies have started cultivating industrial hemp, though this number looks set to increase in the future.

Can you grow cannabis in Israel?

The Israeli government formally legalised medicinal cannabis in 1999, for patients with a limited range of health conditions (such as pain associated with terminal cancer and AIDS). In the beginning, accessing the medication was difficult, which meant not many patients benefitted from it.

In 2016, KM (Knesset member) Sharren Haskel called for CBD to be excluded from the list of illegal dangerous drugs. In her draft bill, she highlighted the medicinal benefits of the substance, and the difference between ‘natural’ and synthetic CBD.

It’s illegal to possess or use any ‘dangerous drugs’ in Israel, including cannabis. The only exception is if the cannabis is provided by an authorised medical professional, such as a pharmacist or a doctor.

All the way since the 1960s, Isreal has been heavily invested in research on CBD Oil. The Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam was the very first person to isolate the cannabinoid CBD from THC. A discovery that has made the man world-known in the industry.

This is due to the fact that the Ministry of health has no enforcement power to regulate the behavior of businesses or consumers.

Background history of Israel’s CBD Industry

There are multiple different organizations currently holding conflicting views on the subject. In 2017, the Ministry of Health declared CBD illegal in the country. Their view was that it was not permissible to import or grow. However, the police organization of Isreal came out with a different view.

When questioned why he chose to work in the field of medical marijuana, Mechoulam explained that for centuries, humans have been using plant-based chemicals as a means of curing a wide range of diseases.

Isreal is world-leading when it comes to research on cannabis, In fact, some of the earliest successful experiments and research has been carried out in Isreal. Let’s take a look at the laws surrounding CBD and CBD oil.