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is cbd oil legal in croatia

But, at the moment, drug trafficking is still a problem in Croatia, and drug users are still stigmatised. If you’re travelling to Croatia, keep in mind that cannabis still has a bad rep, and it’s sometimes viewed as a gateway drug. So, act accordingly and do not consume cannabis in public in Croatia if you don’t want to face legal problems.

The 2013 DAPA update created a distinction between the various illegal substances, which are now separated into two categories — heavy drugs and light drugs. Cannabis is considered a light drug, and the possession of a small quantity of marijuana for personal use is considered a minor offence in Croatia.

The current legislative system in Croatia prohibits unauthorised drug cultivation, possession and trafficking. Those who break the law are prosecuted under the Criminal Code. But the DAPA also outlines a framework for the prevention of drug use and the rehabilitation of drug users.

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All the medical cannabis in Croatian pharmacies is currently imported from Canada .

Croatia’s cannabis laws are already somewhat relaxed and permissive, and it’s encouraging to see that the country is taking decisive steps toward full legalisation.

Croatia passed its Drug Abuse Prevention Act (DAPA) in 2001 and has been updating it since. The DAPA and Croatia’s Criminal Code regulate the conditions for drug manufacture, possession and trade.

Now, since the law doesn’t define the maximum amount of cannabis one can possess for personal use in Croatia, the arresting police officer and the judge presiding over your case have the liberty to decide your penalty based on a variety of factors and circumstances. The amount of cannabis in your possession, your age, your criminal record and other factors weigh in on the verdict.

Recreational use remains illegal. Since 2013, possession has been essentially decriminalized, but you could easily face a fine.

All legitimate medical cannabis is also now imported, from Canada, in liquid and capsule form.

A “small amount” of marijuana for personal use is a ticketable offense. Fines range from about €700 – €3,500, depending on the severity of the crime and amount in your possession. If you are caught selling it, expect criminal penalties. Mandatory sentencing of three years, minimum, is also imposed.


Croatia stunned the world by legalizing medical cannabis use in 2015. This beautiful, historic country became a leader on this issue in the Balkans as a result. An MS patient was detained by police for growing cannabis plants to make into cannabis oil. His case polarized the nation and reform quickly followed.

Medical use is legal here if you are diagnosed with certain conditions. This includes AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. You are also required to purchase your medication from a licensed pharmacy. Prescriptions are only good for up to 30 days and are issued digitally. Purchases are limited to 7.5 grams per month.

Find out about the legal status of medical and recreational marijuana in Croatia. Is marijuana illegal? Better safe than sorry!

That said, reform is only of the medical kind.