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How I Have Used Hemp CBD Oil

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How I Used Hemp CBD Oil

On July 2, 2018, I used Hemp CBD Oil for the first time in my own home and I received never before seen relief in anxiety! Starting with a serving size of four drops of the 1000mg. every six hours, CBD worked well for me. The neverending knot of pain and tension in my stomach, let go! I sat down, and was speechless!

After a short week of CBD giving me such relief and hope for the first time in many, many years, I made up my mind to come off of pain pills. The pain relief I was finally getting with the help of the CBD made me believe I could do without the pain pills, Oxycodone.

I had long ago determined I didn’t want to be an opioid statistic someday, as I had been warned of becoming. Searching for another medication, therapy, or course that would help me away from the opioids, I couldn’t find help!

My dosage was Oxycodone every six hours as needed for chronic pain, and I was very sedated. The pain specialist was trying to help me with bone searing pain, and there were times it was almost unbearable. I had been on pain pills since April of 1990, and the pain never ended during all that thirty years!

Altogether that ended when I was sixty-seven years old and I began my first bottle of CBD Oil. Believe me, CBD is Wonderful! It does have the answer!

MG Myasthenia Gravis

Now I began this post in October 2018, and it is January 2019. I have been writing some on other blogs, but mostly I have been ill. I don’t know what shape I would have been in if I hadn’t had the pain and anxiety relief from the CBD.

I will write some about my health but I really don’t go into a great deal of detail. Maybe I should. Sometimes even writing is impossible for me. I must wait.

Time to write more about CBD and medications that I am learning.

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Overdose On Heroin

Today I must write. It is Sunday, and on Tuesday of last week a member of my family called me and told me, “Aaron has died! He overdosed on heroin!”

Since it had been quite a while since I had heard from or about this young man who was my nephew, it took me a minute to think. Then the last stories I had heard about Aaron flooded my mind.

First of all, I remembered he was twenty-three years old, and I had not seen him since he was a small boy. I thought back to the bad things that had happened to him when he was a small boy, and I grieved for him.

I grieved for the twenty-three-year-old man that had died by overdosing on heroin. I mourned for the small boy that had his heart broken and never had a chance because of crack cocaine and Bipolar disorder in his family. And his life went from there.

When he was sixteen he followed a man in his seventies home from the drugstore, broke into his home after dark, beat him severely, and stole his prescription opioid, Vicodin.

While I wish I could remember what Aaron wanted from his Mother a few years later, I don’t, so I will just write what happened. In a fight with his Mother, he fisted her in the face, and her pitbull went for his leg and bit him.

Aaron reaches behind himself against the wall and grabbed his Mother’s shotgun, and shot her dog. Then, I don’t remember what happened! I don’t know if he got what he wanted from her or not.

The point is, it was one thing after another for this sad young man. Then more than two years ago, Aaron’s Father had to take his son from him. The baby was addicted to meth when he was born and had to be cared for and detoxed.

So this week this young man who was a member of my family surrendered his life to a heroin needle. I was told the autopsy report said Suicide by Heroin Overdose.

I hear a lot of talk about the Opioid Crisis! For Aaron it was a Drug Crisis of several kinds! In his short time he was affected by a range of drugs!

My Hope Is A Life Without Drugs

My hope is a life without drugs, but with my illnesses and disorders my expectations are limited to few.

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