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How I Have Used Hemp CBD Oil

How I Used Hemp CBD Oil

On July 2, 2018, I used Hemp CBD Oil for the first time in my own home and I received never before seen relief in anxiety! Starting with a serving size of four drops of the 1000mg. every six hours, CBD worked well for me. The neverending knot of pain and tension in my stomach, let go! I sat down, and was speechless!

After a short week of CBD giving me such relief and hope for the first time in many, many years, I made up my mind to come off of pain pills. The pain pills were opioids. I had long ago determined I didn’t want to be an opioid statistic someday, as I had been warned of becoming.

My dosage was Oxycodone every six hours as needed for chronic pain, and I was very sedated. The pain specialist was trying to help me with bone searing pain, and there were times it was almost unbearable. I had been on pain pills since April of 1990, and the pain never ended during all that thirty years!

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