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innovet pet cbd oil

Within about 6 weeks of starting the CBD, Bella was jumping up on the freezer (32 inches) to eat and drink, jumping up to the car hood (3 feet) to nap, climbing up the side of the gazebo (7 feet), and jumping from the gazebo to the roof of the house (3 feet). At about 6 or 7 weeks, I took Bella to our new vet for a regular checkup, and the Doc said he never saw such a healthy 14 year old cat.

When this past Spring came, Nukkles developed a very bad allergy that was not controlled by his monthly shots. His vet, at the time, proposed a different medicine that only seemed to make his allergy worse and, during what could only be called allergy hysteria, Nukkles got tangled into a web of electrical wires under my desk and went crazy trying to remove himself.

I started Bella and Nukkles on Innovet Pet CBD, the same day, mixing the drops into their food, as prescribed. I had to do a bit of doctoring for Bella, as he wouldn’t eat the food, so I added things I knew he really liked – Tiki Cat or a squirt of salmon oil. After I did that, he went ahead and ate the food with the CBD.

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Now, not every pet will show these results, but thousands have given “pet CBDs” rave reviews like mine.

I was fortunate to find a new vet at that time who took over Nukkles’ immediate health needs. He gave Nukkles a shot of Cytopoint, which stopped his itching within a few days! We were told to return in four to eight weeks for another shot when the itching started up again. (It never came back!)

As I haven’t tried products from any other manufacturer, I can only speak to the Innovet. But you can start giving your pet any one of a number of quality CBD products. Here’s a whole page of products and reviews on Amazon. Pick a CBD that’s 1) 100 percent pure CBD, 2) that comes from organically grown hemp plant and seeds; 3) that it is mixed with a natural and organic delivery compound; and 4) that is tested and approved by an independent laboratory.

My senior dog and cat have taken Innovet Pet PurCBD for three months now and its effectiveness has encouraged me to write a review of the product. Let me give you some background on my pets, so you will understand what this product was up against.

This is a great product. I don’t want to up my dog’s prescription pain medication since there could be side effects, so by combining the CBD with his prescription, his pain is relieved.

Love this stuff!! Was struggling with finding a company I can rely on and I’m so happy I found innovet! Came super quick! Will definitely recommend to fellow friends! Great product and great company.

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Our dedicated In-House Team is here to maintain the high standards for quality that we have upheld since we started back in 2005. Innovative solutions is what we stand behind, we are fully committed to finding the best and most efficient answers so that you and your furry friend can be happy and healthy.

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Prolong Your Pet’s Health and Vitality with Innovet CBD

Innovet products are rich in CBD and other phytocannabinoids that work together to calm anxiety, boost energy, relieve pain, clear up skin conditions, and make your pet feel amazing.

What You Really Need To Know About Innovet

Each bottle of PurHemp+ contains 125 mg per 30 ML bottle and offers 2.1 mg per dose, which is one drop and perfect for cats and small dogs. You can adjust the dosage up for larger dogs and small horses (6 drops) as well as extra-large breed dogs and horses (12 drops).

Innovet’s PurCBD oil 750 mg is designed for large breed dogs and small horses. Each drop contains a full 12.6 mg of pure, full spectrum CBD oil. As with the other strengths, the oil can be administered either directly into the mouth of your pet or added to food or treats.

Not just that, but Innovet offers a wide array of supplements and treats specifically formulated for pets of every size, making it the most versatile and individualized CBD for pets on the market. But will Innovet Pet work for your furbaby? More on that in a minute.