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icarus cbd oil

Water soluble CBD, also known as nano CBD or nano emulsified CBD, is simply a more bioavailable version of traditional CBD (or whatever you want to say, but this first sentence needs to plainly state just what it is) . The CBD molecules are broken down into extremely small particles and emulsified so they are better absorbed into the bloodstream.

Imagine you’re in the middle of a workout or about to enter a long meeting after lunch and you strain a muscle. You need immediate relief. Applying a water soluble CBD product can create quick pain relief, reduce inflammation for an extended period of time, and allow you to return to normal activities. Ingesting CBD will take hours to activate, with much less effectiveness.

Who is Icarus Recovery for?

Water Soluble CBD is the next step in CBD development. CBD is naturally fat soluble and requires an intensive filtering process to make it more effective for topical use. Ours is water soluble, but not all water soluble products are created equal . Many companies break the CBD molecule down into nano particles making the product mixable with water but not fully soluble. We utilize a second stage called ‘encapsulation’- wrapping the nano particles in a shell to ensure they stay separated and truly soluble. This is a complicated way of saying we nerded out hard and made a hyper-effective CBD product that is quickly becoming the industry standard.

Earlier we mentioned that nanoemulsion doesn’t create a truly water soluble product. Icarus Recovery avoids this method for just that reason. We utilize a patent-pending formula that truly bonds the CBD molecule to water molecules through double-encapsulation of the cell. Simply put; the Icarus formula is truly water soluble. It is designed for the human body.

CBD oil is popular because it is easy and cheap to make. It’s really that simple. Adding a carrier oil with a fatty lipid profile like MCT oil makes CBD ready to use. This is also why thick creams and lotions are so common; they are exceptionally easy to add CBD into and begin selling.

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