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how to use green garden gold cbd oil

Did you even think it was possible to find affordable, lab tested, CO2 extracted, organic hemp-based CBD oil? Green Garden Gold sells a variety of products for your needs. They even have a line of dog products. Green Garden Gold’s oil comes in doses ranging from 100 mg CBD to 4000 mg CBD, one of the highest doses we’ve seen on the market. What’s the one unique product you can purchase from Green Garden Gold that we’ve never seen before? Keep reading.

How does it smell?

What You Need to Know About This CBD Oil

The berry oil smells much better than many flavored oils we’ve tested. It’s not too strong and masks the vegetable glycerin well.

Green Garden Gold’s Med Pac Hemp Oil is auburn gold. This is expected given that it’s mixed with MCT oil and that it was extracted using CO2 methods. On the other hand, Green Garden Gold’s regular hemp oil is a murky brown. When an oil like this is mixed with vegetable glycerin, it becomes thicker and darker.

We tried the regular hemp oil in berry and regular flavor. Since this oil is mixed with vegetable glycerin, it tastes tart. Vegetable glycerin is also a common additive in vape juices and can dominate the flavor profile when mixed with CBD oil. The berry flavor did take some of the sharpness off. The Med Pac hemp oil’s regular flavor tastes earthy but with less sharpness.

Coconut oil also contains monounsaturated, including oleic acid which has anti-cancer effects. There are also polyunsaturated fats like linoleic oil, important for skin and brain function.

We are focusing on Green Garden Gold MCT CBD coconut oil; however, Green Garden Gold has a full-spectrum of CBD oil products and other CBD products.

Terpenes like myrcene and limonene provide fruity scents and taste and also boost the effect of cannabidiol and other terpenes.

Fatty acids

Coconut oil contains several saturated (saturated fats from natural sources like milk and animals are healthy in moderation, not to be confused with artificially saturated fat such as partially hydrogenated oils) fatty acids with health benefits including

That was a mouthful, but he provided important details about the credibility and purity of the products, and so far, they check out very well. Later, we will look on social media and see what users are saying about the product.

CBD is cannabidiol which has been shown to reduce symptoms in seizure disorders and shows promise in treating many other discomforts, especially involving pain and hyperexcitation.

Green Garden Gold CBD oil comes in the form of MCT Coconut oil. Medium Chain Triglycerides are healthy fats that produce energy fast, similar to carbohydrates but without the blood sugar manipulating effects of carbs. Also, coconut oil has other fats and constituents that provide health benefits and can be used orally or topically. It can easily be mixed in food or drinks.