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how to become not high

If you have questions, visit your health care provider.

Everyone’s response to cannabis differs and can vary from one time to the next.

If you’ve consumed cannabis and are experiencing particularly unpleasant or harmful effects:

Lowering your risks when consuming cannabis

Using cannabis frequently (daily or almost daily) and over a long time (several months or years) can:

Experiencing a cannabis addiction can cause serious harm to your:

When cannabis is used, it can:

Using cannabis frequently can lead to a pattern of problematic use or use disorder. This can result in dependence or addiction.

All of the activities that seem so entertaining and fun while high are also a great way to distract yourself while you try to come back down to Earth. Some suggestions include:

Sometimes sleeping it off can be the best alternative to stopping a strong high, but it’s not always easy to turn your brain off. Once you’ve found a quiet area, lay down and let yourself relax. If drowsiness and sleep are quick to onset, take a little nap to rejuvenate yourself. Should you be unable to fall asleep, just get comfortable until you feel strong enough to spring back up.

Some people find that a light snack helps to feel a little more grounded. Consider grazing on some fruits, nuts, or cheese, and see if it’s a little easier to connect mind and body.

8. Distract yourself!

If all of these suggestions fail and you find that you are still feeling alarmingly uncomfortable, you can always seek medical attention and tell a doctor or nurse that you are having a cannabis-induced anxiety attack. This option is always available, even in states where cannabis is illegal. From a medical perspective, physicians have your best interest in mind and want to do all they can to make sure you’re OK, even if it’s helping you come down when you’re too stoned.

Hopefully, however, the above suggestions were just what you needed to counteract and hopefully stop that too-intense cannabis high. (Or, if none of these work, you could always follow Snoop Dogg’s advice and “put ur face in mayonnaise.”)

One study found that ibuprofen can counteract some effects of THC. If you have an ibuprofen handy, you can try taking a safe dose to help you come down from your high.

How do you stop being high and come down from overwhelming cannabis effects? Share your tips in the comments section!

Mothers who smoke pot while pregnant face a higher risk of giving birth to underweight or premature babies. But researchers don’t know enough to say if those infants are more likely to grow up to struggle in school, use drugs, or have other problems in life.

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It May Impair Your Brain

Medical marijuana is legal in some form in a majority of states. And more than 10 states and Washington, DC, have legalized recreational pot. But the federal government’s ban on marijuana has made it hard to study its effects on humans. Limited research shows that medicinal pot might help:

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