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honey b healthy living cbd oil

The HoneyB product catalog is fairly solid, with mostly natural ingredients and an obvious focus on quality and taste. Taste is perhaps the element that sets the company apart, and judging by the ingredients, we can see why. Offerings include:

As strong proponents of the entourage effect, HoneyB exclusively offers full spectrum CBD products which they monitor throughout all phases of production. It all starts in their 14,000-square-foot propagation facility with state-of-the-art cloning and aquaponics. Hemp is then planted in a field next door, CO2 extracted, and formulated into products in their GMP-certified production facility. In-house biochemists are part of the team that develops their formulations aimed at providing healthier living for all.

HoneyB Healthy Living is a vertically integrated CBD operation, meaning they control nearly every aspect of production. Usually, this is a good indicator of quality in the CBD world, and the HoneyB product line has all the signs of a premium, not to mention tasty, user experience. So, what’s holding HoneyB back from a higher ranking? A lack of posted test results is concern number one. We think this is a solid brand with great promise that needs a little nudging to become one of the top-rated CBD vendors.

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Bottom Line – We urge HoneyB to post results for purity and contaminants for each of their SKUs and also to get involved in some charity work. Their CBD product line is packed with quality and deliciousness, and the company owes it to themselves to make these changes for a higher ranking.

While HoneyB claims to conduct testing, they currently do not post any results for purity or contaminants on their website. They also do not post their engagement in any charitable activities like donations or discounts for veterans, so their ranking is lower than it could be.

On the HoneyB homepage, they talk about how their formulations are infused with aloe, or Activaloe, which we guess could be some sort of proprietary blend. The company claims they add this healthy ingredient to their oral drops and skincare, but it isn’t listed as an ingredient in any of the tinctures. It’s also only included in two of the three CBD topicals. Perhaps they are going through a formula change and will add it in the future.

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Winter says their topical products help with her tendinitis, golfer elbow, and eczema. On top of that, they also use the oil daily:

Carlene appreciates how informative their staff is and says her daughter, who deals with PCOS, appreciates the immediate relief the Muscle Cream gives her:

We think it’s a pity Honey B Healthy Living CBD doesn’t allow customers to leave feedback on their product pages.

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As such, prices vary depending on the product and potency, with the price range being $19.99 to $49.99.

Luckily, the company’s now abandoned Facebook page still had some review comments up. And – good news for the brand and interested parties – none of them were negative!

Honey B Healthy Living CBD doesn’t have a very extensive range of products, but they make sure to offer options in these categories:

Are you ready to “experience the HoneyB difference” with Honey B Healthy Living CBD?

By using a Co2 extraction process, typically
resulting in a potency of 70%-85%, Honey B Healthy
Living has developed some of the finest tasting
CBD Tinctures on the market. The company is also focused on sourcing the highest quality ingredients such the hemp seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, and essential oils in their Full Spectrum Tinctures. HoneyB’s Tinctures can be bought in strawberry, orange, mint, and lemon flavors, with potency of 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg.

HoneyB Healthy Living works hand and hand with Colorado farmers that have spent years studying hemp genotypes and phenotypes. HoneyB’s farmers have cross bred a variety of hemp strains, known to provide high potency CBD, which they then utlitze in all of their products.

HoneyB Healthy Living sets the industry standard for high-quality, American grown, industrial hemp derived CBD products. They utilize a special processing technique to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant. This allows them to keep the naturally present phytocannabidnoid’s and terpenes in tact while completely removed any traces of THC in their products.

HoneyB Health Living’s product line also includes a cosmetic line such as its Face Cream which contains Calendula, or “flower of the sun,” which has been known for centuries to rejuvenate and heal dry skin. They also manufactures a Full Spectrum CBD Muscle Relief, which helps with relieving inflammation and pain, as well as, a Full Spectrum CBD based Lavender Hand and Body Lotion, which is known for its soothing and calming properties.