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All of the Delta 8 THC products at The Hemp Doctor are derived from hemp and therefore comply with federal law.

Tinctures are very easy to administer. All that is necessary is simply to dispense it under the tongue via a dropper. While tinctures can be mixed with food or beverages, administering them sublingually (under the tongue) is optimal and the best method for quick absorption. Finding the best dosage for your personal needs may require some experimentation at first, and it is recommended to start with a small amount and work your way up to the dosage that feels appropriate for your needs. The Hemp Doctor, it has been our experience that the majority of customers quickly arrive at a dosage that is ideal for their health goals. Another advantage of Delta 8 and CBD is that the dosage does not need to be continually adjusted.

Broad Spectrum CBD Tinctures, THC Free

A pure, potent extract that is easy to take and designed to quickly deliver beneficial effects. Available in several different flavors, sure to please any palate.

Delta 8 THC Oil Tinctures

Tinctures can be naturally flavored or, as at The Hemp Doctor (America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary), flavored with any number of essential oils. We are proud to offer tinctures flavored with mint, Ceylon cinnamon, orange zing, zesty lemon, tranquil mint, and naturally flavored tinctures as well. Whatever your flavor preference, it is likely you will be able to find a good fit for your needs. Let’s go over the ingredients and flavors of each type of tincture we offer:

“Quality is always an issue, especially in a relatively young market, such as the cannabis market,” Low Dog says. And she’s right. A 2017 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that out of the commercially available CBD products, only 30 percent were accurately labeled.

Despite its relatively recent place in our collective consciousness, CBD has been at work delivering its calming agents as far back as the ‘80s by some estimates and the ancient world by others. With it, an almost endless menu of formulations has emerged—from capsules and oils to lotions and seltzer—each promising an even more effective dose of CBD than the last.

According to Low Dog, a tincture may offer a broader range of compounds from hemp than an oil extraction. “Consumers who are alcohol-sensitive often prefer hemp oil over tincture. While both can be used topically, hemp oil is generally easier to apply and less irritating,” she says.

CBD tincture vs. CBD oil—which is better?

But first, a little CBD 101…

The cannabis plant has hundreds of chemicals in it, including more than 120 cannabinoids, Hill explains. Of those cannabinoids, two are most familiar: THC, which produces the euphoric effects or “high” people experience from marijuana, and cannabidiol or CBD, which has some anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure, anxiety-relieving and analgesic properties, according to Low Dog.

At a plant level, the two chemicals operate as opposites, with CBD acting as a buffer of sorts to the effects of THC. “It’s sort of a ying and yang. THC is responsible for the high and CBD doesn’t do that,” Hill explains.

“Sometimes, you will find extracts called tinctures that use glycerin, vinegar, or oil as the solvent, instead of alcohol,” Low Dog says. “These offer the advantage of being alcohol-free, but may not always offer the same potency as an alcohol-water extract.”

Our mission is to provide customers with accurate information about CBD tinctures, compounds, and other CBD-related products.

A tincture is a concentrated formula that normally comes in small dropper style bottles. Tinctures may be used to take sublingually or may also be used topically. Tinctures can be water based, alcohol based or oil based depending on the formulation.

CBD’s clinical research scorecard is more mixed when it comes to conditions like insomnia. According to some studies, the substance can actually improve wakefulness. On the other hand, others have discovered that taking a CBD tincture or oil a couple of hours before bedtime can help induce a sense of balance, which can make sleeping easier. According to a 2016 study, taking a CBD-rich oil and taking it orally helped one patient with post-traumatic stress disorder alleviate anxiety and insomnia symptoms.

What are CBD Tinctures Good For?

These terms are used interchangeably, with CBD tinctures usually taken to mean CBD oil that is used sublingually or by placing the product under the tongue.

While each CBD tincture has specific directions for use to maximize its effectivity, this is how they generally work:

1) Place the CBD Oil/tincture under your tongue for 90 to 120 seconds

3) When you keep the CBD tincture under your tongue, it is absorbed by your blood vessels through the capillaries in your gums, tongue, and cheek – so it works faster. The remainder is swallowed and absorbed through your digestive system.