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hemp oil 750 mg

Store the product in a dry and clean place, without smell and away from heat and direct light in order to reserve the quality and integrity of the product.

Cbd Oil 750 mg Full Spectrum Cannabis Sativa Hemp in 5 ml of Olive Oil Extra Vergine

The correct name of our oil is in fact Cbd Full Spectrum Oil.
Full Spectrum Oil means an Oil that contains all of the above-mentioned compounds that act in synergy with each other and with CBD through a natural process known as the “entourage effect”.


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Packaging: Bottle with integrated 5 ml dropper

To complete the CBD oil extraction procedure and guarantee the highest quality, an accurate and meticulous purification and filtration process is necessary: ​​winterization.
This last step eliminates any excess fats, gums, waxes and chlorophylls.

The decarboxylation consists in heating the Cannabis flowers for a given time interval, until they completely “activate”all the compounds: the inactive cannabinoids CBD-A and THC-A are transformed into the active substances CBD and THC, more easily assimilated by our body.

1 drop = approximately 2,5 mg of CBD, 1 pack = 750 mg of CBD

Industrial hemp extract obtained by extraction of supercritical CO2. The process takes place without air access, thanks to which the ingredients are not subject to oxidation, and carbon dioxide is completely released after its completion. The oils obtained in this way are microbiologically pure and retain the full spectrum of ingredients.

We select only certified seeds from European suppliers for our crops. Each Alba Hemp product contains a guaranteed concentration of CBD, confirmed by tests carried out by independent research laboratories.

• CBD oil with a concentration of 5% obtained by a modern and ecological method of extracting supercritical carbon dioxide
• Contains the full spectrum of CBD oils and other cannabinoids naturally occurring in hemp (CBG, CBDa, CBD, CBN)
• One 15 ml pack contains 750 mg of CBD
• 1 drop of oil contains approximately 2,5 mg of CBD
• The product comes from certified Alba Hemp crops and is 100% vegan
• The product is delivered in an elegant cardboard tube that protects the bottle with oil during transport

The content of ingredients in a daily dose: cold-pressed hemp oil (160 mg-480 mg), hemp extract (80-240 mg).

• cold pressed hemp oil,
• hemp extract obtained from monitored Alba Hemp crops

The product contains cannabinoids (naturally occurring in cannabis), incl. such as: CBG, CBDa, CBD, CBN. CBD oil is free from pollutants and any chemicals.

Dissolve 1 drop in any liquid morning and evening and then drink. Increase by 1 drop per intake after 5-7 days until you reach the desired dosage or recommended daily dosage. Increase the dosage carefully.

The product should be blended into any beverage since the concentrate has a heavily bitter taste. One tip is to mix it into an acidulous juice if you are a little sensitive to flavors. Of course, you can take it without liquid if you wish, but it really doesn’t taste very good. But different strokes for different folks. Anyway, enough about this. It’s up to you to try. We are quite (very) convinced that you will like our oil.

Last but not least! Our hemp products are produced exclusively from hemp that is planted, managed and harvested using responsible cultivation practices in Colorado, USA. Far from big cities, highways and pollution. It means an end product that is organic, 100% natural and not genetically modified (non-GMO).

About the product
The hemp oil of the future and really more bang (cannabinoids and terpenes) for the buck. It is also super easy to use. Just add the desired number of drops into any beverage, shake/stir and drink, voila!

Recommended daily intake: 1-13 drops. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

In addition to the above, all our hemp products, both oil-based and water-soluble, are recovered and produced with a focus on bioavailability and, more than many other products on the market, are much easier for the body to absorb. Again, more bang for the buck.

Let’s move on to “the entourage effect”. This s a very important part of all our hemp products. Simply explained, various cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDA, CBGA work together. Not only with each other but also with the terpenes. That is why we never use CBD isolates as a single molecule (because really, it’s no good). Instead, there is always a wide spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in our products. More bang for the buck!