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Facebook’s advertising policies (as well as Instagram’s, since Instagram is owned by Facebook) on prohibited content include the following under 2. Illegal products or services: “Adverts must not constitute, facilitate or promote illegal products, services or activities. Adverts targeted to minors must not promote products, services or content that are inappropriate, illegal or unsafe, or that exploit, mislead or exert undue pressure on the age groups targeted.” Facebook has additional policies pertaining to drugs and to unsafe supplements, but in our experience CBD ads tend to be rejected under “illegal products or services.”

Google’s policies state the following under Dangerous products or services: “We don’t allow the promotion of some products or services that cause damage, harm, or injury. Below are some examples of products and services that we consider to be dangerous.” Under “Recreational drugs,” Google bans the following:

Can CBD Brands Advertise on Facebook & Google?

If you’ve followed the guidelines above and your ads were still rejected, the problem may be the landing page your ads direct to. Per Digiday:

Despite the fact that CBD ads violate none of the above stipulations, Facebook continues to reject the vast majority of CBD ads, as HuffPost and others have reported. According to reporter Jesselyn Cook:

Here’s why that’s the case; what brands should know about doing so; how to improve your chances of search and social ad approval; and what to do if you’re unable to get your ads approved on either.

The restrictions this time are enforced by your subscribers. Email marketing is a pure value-first marketing strategy, and your prospects can smell when they’re being used.

SEO is a strategy based on creating content and optimizing it via keywords and links to rank high on Google’s first page. When people search on Google for related terms such as “CBD” or “cannabidiol,” your site can appear at the top.

These platforms are super suspicious around cannabis and hemp-derived products. Many advertisers are facing challenges when trying to run ads on Facebook and Google. Hemp (topicals) are ok at this time, but stay on top of the advertising guidelines for Facebook and read the ad policies for Google. You can’t make any medical claims about its benefits, or that your CBD products can cure or prevent serious illnesses.

4 – Email Marketing

Building a list of email subscribers allows you to reach out to your audience whenever you want. You can keep them updated with your latest brand announcements and products for no cost.

You have to familiarize your prospects with your brand by sharing helpful content. And you must prove your expertise if you want to keep your audience interested in your offers.

Another way to go about this is to focus on smaller markets with local SEO. You’ll target local consumers where cannabis-related products are legal and can be purchased. Include local ranking signals for Google to show up high in the local map pack.

Connect and partner with industry leaders, like the National Hemp Association .

In CBD advertising, only use claims verified by doctors and studies, and be sure to cite them.

But the CBD market is extremely competitive with big brands and little brands all fighting for a piece of the market. If you are one of these companies, the surest way to get ahead is to grab the attention of your target market through CBD marketing.

According to MarketWatch, 59.90 percent of the CBD products on the market claim to use therapeutic grade CBD.

2. No medical claims

Every statement you make regarding your product has to be backed by reputable sources. It doesn’t matter if you make the statement in testimonials, consumer reviews, social media posts, marketing copy, or in a forum chat. As long as the statement promotes your CBD product and is likely to convince readers to buy that product, it must not contain unfounded or exaggerated claims.

Can you advertise CBD on Google? Google doesn’t allow CBD ads. If you set up a Google AdWords advert for CBD products, not only will the ad be taken down, you’ll also likely face a penalty by Google. The penalty might include stopping you from running future Google Ads.

Nonetheless, Instagram may permanently close your account if you attempt directly selling CBD products on it. Play it safe by only publishing educational posts and adding links to product pages on your site.

With thousands of CBD products storming the market, differentiating your CBD brand from others is the key to getting the attention of customers.