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extract naturals cbd oil

I stopped in and bought my first bottle 2 weeks ago. I am so in awe the difference in the way I feel. I was advised to take it about 2 hours before I go to bed, I take it every night at 8:30 and I have never been more relaxed and I sleep better than I have ever slept. My anxiety has diminished also. I just feel better period. I told my doctor I started taking it and he said he doesn't have a problem with me taking it. I will definitely go back for another bottle. Just wished my insurance would pay for it. They should, because it works.

I am happy with the CBD oil because it is organic, has no added ingredients except coconut oil and my results at the oncologist are great!

I stopped in and bought my first bottle…

Have been using the 1000 mg and can really tell if I miss taking it.
It makes a big difference in my pain level.

Love the product but the website is horrible. Clicked twice to receive 10% off email – never got it. One of products I wanted to select would not allow to be added to cart. Finally, I get this request to review them because of my “purchase” – I was never able to complete the purchase! Guess I better go check that they didn’t take my money somehow.

The owners of this company are truly caring people, and will go out of their way to help find the right product and dose that you need. They did tons of research before settling on the product that they sell. I purchased it for my son, but now I use it everyday to help with pain in my lower back. I don't want to be without it on my bedside table.

Extract Naturals dispensary is a CBD oil Missouri company that provides concentrated high-grade CBD products for doctors offices, chiropractors and vet clinics across the United States. Extract Naturals was one of the first US companies to have a pharmaceutical-grade CBD product. The Extract Naturals CBD products are non-GMO, use organically grown hemp, and are 3rd party tested. All products have a high bioavailability index and are free of synthetic additives, heavy metals, pesticides and solvents.

Our CBD oil products for sale are Non-GMO, and our hemp is organically grown in the US

CBD Oil for Sale

We're so confident in our products we offer 100% money back guarantee

Extract Natural's CBD products are 3rd party lab tested

We have a patent pending nanoemulsion extraction process