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endoca cbd oil uk

Each of Endoca’s CBD products is developed and manufactured by a team of scientists, herbalists and nutritionists in a controlled facility. Together, they use a strict standard control programme to create pharmaceutical-grade products that have received the seal of approval from multiple healthcare agencies.

To protect the delicate hemp plant during processing, Endoca uses supercritical CO 2 extraction. This low-heat, low-pressure method gently separates the compounds without compromising the beneficial molecules of the plant. The result is a clean, pure oil with all of the healthful compounds intact, just as nature intended.

Pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing

Just like the Whipped CBD Body Butter, Endoca’s CBD Salve contains 100% natural, organic, food-grade ingredients that are so pure you can eat them. This time, the all-star cast is joined by refreshing lemon peel oil, known to have antimicrobial, disinfectant and skin-toning properties.

Endoca CBD Oil is available in two strengths: 300mg/3% and 1500mg/15%. The lower strength has 1mg of CBD per drop and is ideal if you’re new to CBD, you want to build up your tolerance, or you simply prefer a lighter dose. The stronger dose delivers 5mg of CBD per drop, perfect for experienced customers who want to enhance the benefits of CBD.

The UK CBD industry is notoriously under-regulated and unfortunately, there’s no shortage of rogue brands waiting to take advantage. When we find a brand as invested in the industry as Endoca, then, we can’t help but get excited!

The plant compound CBD is one of many beneficial cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, best known for its balancing and calming effects. CBD has the potential to help support and regulate your body and mind to promote overall well being.

Higher concentrations last longer

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