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enchanted planet cbd oil

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I have driven to this store THREE times now from Nashville (about an hour round trip) just to purchase a single downstem. The first time was my mistake, I got the wrong size. I returned to get the proper one and they didn’t have it, so they gave me store credit. The employee told me to call in a week and he would get a custom one made for me. I called in a week and was told he no longer worked there. A month later, I still needed a downstem, and I called with exact measurements and was told by the new employee that they had it in stock. I drove an hour a THIRD time only to be told they actually did not have it. They handed me a pack of matches and told me to call and speak to the owner. I have spoken to the owner and he refuses to remedy this situation through mail or in any way that would not require me to waste $20 worth of gas to drive there a FOURTH time. You’re better off ordering online so you get what you’re actually looking for, and so you don’t have to deal with this store’s incompetence for months on end. Enchanted Planet is a very, VERY poorly run shop.

Very unfortunate. I’ve been doing business with Enchanted Planet for years. I am reconsidering where I’ll go for their type of inventory in the future. I hate to see it come to a negative end. I have left a similar review with Google reviews and plan to with Yelp and any other review service to make sure people know to be cautious.

I was sent a msg saying I would be blocked because when I was told they were the ONLY STORE that sold 100% CBD OIL I told them it wasn’t true. Also they exceed yhe prices to the other stores I brought CBD OIL at in NASHVILLE, TN, ATHENS, GA AND Colorado Springs,Colorado. I’m a truck driver and have lots of pain from back surgery. I hate pain pills so I use the CBD OIL 800ng. I’ve never paid more than $82.50 for a 1 oz bottle. Enchanted Planet wants twice the price for their CBD OIL. I was also told I may have gotten Benadryl instead. No I didn’t. I think I know the difference. Enchanted Planet is money hungry and very rude to people who question their prices. Ill NEVER go to that store to buy ANYTHING must less CBD OIL. The CBD OIL I got from MUSIC CITY HEMP IN NASHVILLE. really helped me. Within 90 seconds my pain was completely gone.

Owner is not open to feedback. Very defensive. I wasn’t asking her to even do anything for me but to accept and understand she sold me a product with high expectations and it absolutely did nothing she said it would do for me. In addition this is about a product that has no refund policy(NEVER mentioned during the sale). BEWARE their CBD oils. They do not work for everyone and refuse to state that when selling it to you, and they’re not the miracle cure they tell you it is. They are quite outside of realistic expectations with their sales pitch.

Coolest gift shop in a fine college town. – They have shirts, pipes and incense you won’t find elsewhere in Rutherford County. The staff are friendly (especially the lady with the beagles) and they will give you good advice even if you can’t buy anything right away.

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You think that your own law is upright, but you are like me, killing people Cbd Oil Savannah Ga killing chickens, under the bright moon, within the world, It is nothing more than killing and cbdmedic cvs Said Uncle Master, you are really mad, and Can Cbd Oil Help Piles.

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