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Cannabidiol (CBD) is found to provide an array of therapeutic benefits to those who use them. With this in mind, researchers have discovered safe and effective ways to extract CBD from industrial hemp. The quality of CBD depends greatly on the method that is used to extract it, making it important for consumers to understand where their product comes from. CBD Distillation is the process of distilling CBD oil to produce a highly potent CBD distillate. Distillation is an important step in producing medicinal hemp products such as CBD oil tinctures, CBD oil capsules and other CBD products. Steam distillation is a technique that is used for all of the products that Blue Dragon has to offer. It has been used for centuries to extract essential oil from plant material. It’s a very simple concept that uses heat in the form of steam to break the essential oil free from the plant material.

Industrial hemp grown in the US is typically higher in CBD than much of the industrial hemp cultivated in other countries.

Steam Distillation Method

All of Blue Dragon products are sourced from an Organic and regulated industrial hemp farm in California. Our hemp is grown in accordance with the U.S.D.A and all of our products are developed using cutting-edge technology and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines. We are working very close with the FDA in staying compliant in such a 'wild west' environment. Our goal in the near future is not only to be Compliant, but to be fully Regulated and ISO Certified.

Coconut oil also contains other sets of beneficial acids that have been known to have a list of potential health benefits. Lauric acid is a great example — when digested, lauric acid creates a monoglyceride that acts as an antimicrobial. These fatty acids are found in abundance in coconut oil, making it a top contender for those looking for a healthier oil base than butter or canola oil. Another fantastic benefit of using coconut oil is that when you use it to extract cannabinoids, your end product will remain solid at room temperature. The versatility of a hemp-infused product that remains solid at room temperature is paramount when considering its use as a topical agent.

When taking Blue Dragon full-spectrum CBD oil, not only do you get to experience the beneficial effects of different compounds than CBD, but you also get to experience CBD in the most potent way possible.

Supporting getting to sleep faster and a better night’s sleep.

Deal with the symptoms of anxiety & depression.

Delta 8 Products for mental euphoria and body relaxation.


CBD for overall health and keeping your body in balance.

Although legally we cannot make any specific health claims, we can say that people are experiencing great benefits when they use CBD and Delta 8 products. Some of these include using these products for anxiety, sleep, chronic pain, sciatica, neuropathy, OCD, IBS, autism, arthritis, depression, and more.

CBD and Delta 8 are powerful tools people use on a daily basis to support their general health, as well as treating specific health challenges. By triggering the body’s endo-cannabinoid system, organs and other systems of the body are brought into equilibrium.

The Green Dragon CBD is committed to our customers’ health by only stocking top quality products from trusted brands that provide independent lab results.

MCT’s stands for “medium chain triglyceride”, which is a mild, easy to take oil.

Blended with Delicious MCT Oil

So what’s with the name? This simple yet powerful CBD + MCT combination honors Mušhuššu of ancient Mesopotamian mythology. Fierce, raging and powerful, these legendary beasts nonetheless required rest & relief. A simple serving (or two), added to our craft CBD teas, will help you similarly reach bliss (no fire breathing required).

What is MCT?

16.5MG Per Serving)

Our CBD Oil, Dragon’s Lair has next to no taste. It’s very easy to stomach due to it’s MCT combination. A lot of hemp oils have bad taste, but we made sure ours is simple and easy to take while not upsetting the stomach.

lt is most commonly extracted from Coconut Oil, as 50% of the fat in coconut oil comes from MCTs. Often confused for each other, Coconut oil is made up of LCT and MCT fats, while MCT oil only contains one (MCT). They behave differently in the body compared to LCT fats as well!

Directions: Keep out of reach of children and pets.