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The use of CBD oil in Indiana is officially legal after nearly a year of uncertainty, ending speculation among patients who have already been using CBD to treat their pain, and among local physicians who swear by its effectiveness.

“The AG’s decision threw everyone into a tailspin,” Gettelfinger said. At the time, he had about 150 patients regularly taking a full spectrum hemp oil with zero THC to help manage their pain. “I never missed a day selling it or treating patients with it. Not one day.”

Andry said he delivered an hourlong lecture to legislators on the benefits of CBD, answered questions and addressed many misconceptions, including ones shared by the attorney general.

The legal confusion began in November when Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill issued an opinion that CBD oil should be illegal in the state. The opinion states, “Simply put, cannabidiol is a Schedule I controlled substance because marijuana (cannabis sativa) is a Schedule I controlled substance.”

Gettelfinger had already been treating patients with CBD oil because Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb had signed a bill into law last April allowing its medical use. That law allowed the use of CBD oil in the treatment of children with epilepsy if it contained at least 5 percent CBD and less than 0.3 percent THC. CBD was permitted for other uses as long as the solution was less than 5 percent.

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Dr. Andry interviews Dr. Gary Gettelfinger of IU Health Pain Center. Dr. Gary L Gettelfinger is a Pain Management Specialist in Bloomington, Indiana. He graduated with honors from Indiana University School Of Medicine in 1987. Having more than 31 years of diverse experiences, especially in PAIN MANAGEMENT, Dr. Gary L Gettelfinger affiliates with many hospitals including Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital, Indiana University Health Bedford Hospital, and others. Dr. Gettelfinger talks about his thoughts on CBD oils and products.

Your browser does not support HTML5 audio, but you can still download this podcast.

Your browser does not support HTML5 audio, but you can still download this podcast.

CBD University

How do you know if you’re getting quality CBD products or not? With the resurgence of the Hemp industry, there are so many products being introduced into the marketplace. Dr. Andry lends insight on what to look for.

June 23rd, 2018 07:33am

[00:13:28] If you pick an influencer that particularly targeted for whatever application your product has now and how that’s been successful, you’ve been able to find influencers that are willing to do product placements, product mentions and drive traffic. Yes.

[00:16:17] If so, even for you as a lawyer, it was hiring another lawyer to actually do this for you as was important.

[00:24:12] And if I if I give you a magic wand and you could change any kind of law or regulation or anything regarding the whole kind of industry situation we’re in, what what are the changes that you’d really want to focus on? Where do you think we need kind of reform or updating or restructuring of that side of this industry?

[00:05:52] Well, the bigger hurdles in primarily education just kind of caught up to us. But when we started, everybody said, you’re selling marijuana and you’re saying, no, we’re not. No, we’re not. No, we’re not. And for example, when I spoke with Tommy about it originally, he said. Does it work? Because I don’t want to sell anything that doesn’t work. You know, I’m not into selling a snake oil elixir. You should know it works. So I decided being the lawyer that I am, that I would see how it worked. And I met Lewis Adams and her husband, Carole Loy. She had Lyme disease. She had really bad tremors and gave it to Coral. He gave it to voice. And she hasn’t had a tremor since then. So. But at the time, Carl felt like I was giving him marijuana. She was all worried that he was going to be busted by the feds. And we’ve kind of seen the movement away from it being marijuana.