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Marijuana poisoning most commonly occurs as a result of oral ingestion. Dogs especially enjoy the taste of marijuana and will often eat any form they can get their paws on, including buds, plants, joints and even baggies. Of course, this list also includes baked goods containing marijuana, such as cookies or brownies.

The bottom line: Until we know more, giving marijuana as medicine puts our pets at risk.

Marijuana toxicity is a serious medical problem that has been on the rise since medical and recreational use of the drug has become legal across the U.S. In fact, a recent study published by the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care reported that the number of dogs treated for marijuana poisoning quadrupled between 2005 and 2010 in Colorado, following the legalization of medical marijuana there. Pet Poison Helpline also reported a 200 percent increase in the number of marijuana cases seen in recent years.

Disorientation or incoordination

Symptoms of marijuana toxicity include:

Regardless, if you have marijuana of your own at home, make sure to safely secure it from your dog — you certainly don’t want your dog eating marijuana.

Fortunately, some states are considering changing the laws relating to the veterinary use of cannabis, which may help shed more light on the entire issue.

Although scientists are only beginning to examine medical cannabis for dogs, they do know that dogs have the same cannabis-sensitive neural circuitry that we do.

Over-the-Counter Cannabis For Canines: Hemp

This complicates the situation for many dog owners. On the one hand, cannabis may help improve your dog’s health, but on the other hand, it may be dangerous for your dog.

We’ll dive into the issue below and explain everything you need to know.

There are plenty of owners who tell anecdotes about their pooches’ aches and pains being resolved through the use of these hemp or CBD-oil infused treats, so it may be worth a try for desperate owners. Just be sure to discuss the issue with your vet first.

You may even use some of the same medications to treat your children and your canines. But it is not yet clear if cannabis is suitable for use in dogs.

For now, CBD converts are spreading the word at ground level.

But Project CBD, a non-profit group in favour of medical marijuana, says hemp-based CBD oil is technically illegal at federal level, even though the US authorities broadly tolerate its sale across state lines.

"We treat a lot of anxiety, a tonne of arthritis… but probably the number one thing we treat is cancer," says Ms Ettel.

Spreading the word

America's cannabis law is messy, because while 29 states and the District of Columbia have legalised marijuana for medical use – and nine recreationally – it's still illegal at federal level. That means it's illegal for US veterinarians to prescribe cannabis products for dogs.

Firstly, the obvious question: No, they're not smoking it. Or eating it whole.

And whether you see it as progressive or just hippy nonsense – there's every chance canine cannabis is already in a shop near you.

Her owner Joyce Lattimer claims that after one dose, "she hopped right down from her chair when I called her to go outside – usually I have to call several times and start pushing her off".