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does cbd oil help with inflammation

Using CBD oil topically may be one of the most effective ways to use this cannabinoid to treat localized types of pain and inflammation like arthritis. Applying CBD to your skin allows this cannabinoid to absorb in your muscle tissue and deliver relief at a specific area bypassing the liver tract.

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A few scientific studies have been conducted to determine the potential pain-relieving properties of CBD tinctures and other types of CBD oil products. Since relief from pain is one of the main reasons that people use CBD, scientists want to get to the bottom of this cannabinoid’s potential analgesic effects.


Colorado Botanicals uses a proprietary extraction and purification process that naturally preserves terpenes. Other brands usually reintroduce terpenes into their extracts or finished products. Reintroduced terpenes can cause dilution or contamination issues.

Colorado Botanicals has its products tested by Food & Environment Safety Analytical Lab (FESA Labs) located in Santa Ana, California, and ProVerde Laboratories. These labs have a reputation for independence and thoroughness—Colorado Botanicals posts recent lab results for each of the products this brand offers.

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Here is a good CBD oil dosing schedule to start with for pain and inflammation:

The type of inflammatory response that most people seek treatment for, and that you would use CBD oil for, is chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can be caused by a variety of conditions such as arthritis, lupus, IBS, or Crohn’s Disease. This type of inflammation causes your body to continually try and fight a perceived internal threat even if this inflammatory response isn’t necessary to heal you.

Many medications for pain that are associated with treating an inflammatory response can have a foggy effect on the brain, which a lot of patients don’t desire. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant, meaning that it can be used for the symptoms without leaving the patient feeling high. Marc Feldman at Imperial College in London tested CBD as a treatment method on mice that had a version of rheumatoid arthritis. He concluded that CBD had reduced the inflammatory response in the mice by 50% when he found the right dosage.

What is Inflammation?

There are two different types of inflammation, and these are acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is uncomfortable, but it is a good thing. This kind of inflammation is your body’s initial defense against any harmful stimuli. This does cause pain, redness, swelling, and heat, but it is a sign of a healthily functioning immune system.

While some research suggests CBD may be able to help with inflammation, we’re still waiting for a final answer after more clinical trials are completed. However, the Joy Organics softgels that we recommend also contain curcumin, which has been shown to reduce inflammation. So you get all of the benefits of CBD in addition to the confidence that it will have the intended effect.

If you have joint pain, plaque psoriasis, or you’re experiencing pain associated with any inflammatory condition, applying CBD cream or some other topical is a great option as well. This is a direct way to treat the pain you may be feeling because the cannabidiol can get to your CB2 receptors without having to go through your circulatory system. This can also help with the dry and irritated skin that can occur because of the restricted blood flow to the skin in those instances.