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christopher shade cbd oil

The extensive and cutting-edge technological expertise utilized by Quicksilver Scientific’s natural medicine applications are a perfect extension into the functional beverage market. We’ll use this technology to build our portfolio as we introduce additional products to market directly or through partnerships with others.

CP: What do you hope will be accomplished through Quicksilver’s new ventures division? Are there any upcoming projects you can discuss?

CP: What challenges does the drop format present for the developer?

Shade talks partnership with Truss, future ventures and weathering an economic downturn.

CP: What was the thought process behind the Veryvell line?

CS: It’s obviously a big moment for Quicksilver Scientific to be able to bring on talent like David Durkee, but it isn’t the first time the company has had this kind of connection. Quicksilver Scientific’s first president led the athletic apparel company Asics. Our chief marketing officer came from Asics and was formerly the senior director of marketing and communications for Qwest Communications. But to get another Ph.D. right from the beverage field was quite a win for us.

As for our business operations, which were deemed essential, we took a number of precautions in order to keep our employees safe and our business operating. We’ve separated teams not only to keep people apart under social-distancing rules but also to minimize risks of losing whole groups of workers in a given function if someone on the team does fall sick.

Additionally, thanks to increased demand for health and wellness products during the COVID-19 pandemic, Quicksilver is expected to bring in 15 to 20 percent more than original revenue projections, despite the economic challenges the pandemic has also presented.

The total absorption is anywhere from four to sixfold higher than a regular pill, but even if you took four to six times as much, you don’t get as much of an action, because you don’t have that peak dose to really induce everything, ring the bell of those receptors. What happens when you hit receptors, you trigger a whole cascade of different proteins to be made, which is affecting the metabolism of the body. That transient peak dose really creates the effect that you’re looking for.

Gazella: Exactly.

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Gazella: And I have to ask you first of all, is there a reason that CBD oil would be controversial? Am I right in that?

Shade: Yeah. The entrance of CBD into use in the US was made possible by the 2014 Farm Bill, which was allowing the use of industrial hemp for various uses in trade in the US. In those uses came the use of the extracts. Now, by some interpretations, well, that’s still cannabis, and that’s still scheduled as a drug. Certain parts of the government are saying, “Hey.” Like the DEA. “Hey, that should still be scheduled. We didn’t say that’s okay.” Whereas other parts of the government are saying, “Hey, that’s all right. That comes underneath the Farm Bill.” Most of the states have rolled with this being under the Farm Bill, and being an allowed substance. It’s gained so much widespread use, and a lot of that use is from very impaired people that rely on it heavily for their health.

Shade: Oh, it absolutely is, and I can always gauge it by when I’m on a plane, when little old ladies start talking to me about it, or my aunt came over from Florida, and she had a bottle of it, and it’s made its way out to the masses. They need it. They want it. We hope it’s here to stay.