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cbd vape oil las vegas

Vaping is the heating of cannabis or an oil cartridge containing concentrated cannabinoids to a specific temperature and inhaling the fine mist that’s produced. The result is a discreet, virtually odorless method of consuming cannabis that is safer than other forms of smoking, efficient and extremely easy to dose.

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace carries an expansive line of disposable cannabis vape pens as well as CBD and THC cartridges to suit all tastes and vaping styles.


While there is limited research on vaping oils, many users perceive it to be a healthier alternative to other forms of smoking. Studies have shown that vaping cannabis creates fewer carcinogens than other forms of smoking cannabis, and many find this benefit enough reason to switch.

Discretion-Vaping produces little of the signature odor released when smoking cannabis. Marijuana vape pens are also small and require no grinder, papers, fire source or any additional apparatus to use. Simply plug in a cartridge of your favorite strain and enjoy. Our disposable vape pens have the added benefits of being inexpensive and can simply be tossed after use.

Potency-Our vape oils are tested for consistent potency from your first drag to your last. You can change the desired effect received from vaping by controlling how long you heat and inhale the oil.

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What are people saying about Vape Shops in North Las Vegas, NV?

This is a review for Vape Shops in North Las Vegas, NV:

"I do not usually give give reviews but but this place was too great to not leave it a 5 star review. I just moved to the Las Vegas area and it's been hard to find a vape store that has all my needs and one. This store is the one I have been looking for. Everything is reasonably priced and most importantly they had the one flavor of juice that I vape. I highly recommend trying this place out!"