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“If what I do works then they will be able to see the before and the after,” McLaughlin says.

“It’s like having a chronic flu all the time with aches and pains,” she says.

“I made sure that the product that I used was a legal supplement with no THC in it,” McLaughlin says, “I’m not promoting harm or dangerous acts or really promoting anything. I was just documenting my experience.”

BARTLETT, Tenn. – – A Bartlett woman says YouTube “betrayed” her after deleting her channel last month. Jessica McLaughlin suffers from Lyme Disease. It keeps her in constant pain.

McLaughlin lost more than 600 videos she hadn’t backed up. She also lost connection to her 958 subscribers.

The instructional videos had more than five million views in total while those celebrating vaping cannabis had more than seven million.

In Australia, cannabis is not legal, which makes it harder but not impossible to procure.

Promise to vaccinate kids by year’s end

CBD oil, a derivative of the same plant cannabis comes from but without the Tetrahydrocannabinol that gets you “high”, is legal under certain circumstances.

While they are sometimes available on the black market, there are also websites selling kits they claim can “turn your favourite legal wax into e-liquid”.

The researchers said their study is the first of its kind since parts of the US began legislating recreational marijuana, and noted recent studies overseas that found 10 per cent of high school students had vaped cannabis.