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CBD’s advantages have paved the way for CBD oil in medicine, especially with respect to dentistry. Here is what you need to know about CBD in connection with teeth:

While CBD is safe, certain products it comes in, such as gummy candy, cigarettes, or vapes, are harmful to the teeth. So, CBD in itself is safe for the teeth, but certain products it comes in may not. So, be wary of how you decide to use it for your teeth.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Teeth

CBD, short form for Cannabidiol, is a natural oil extract found in the cannabis family. One of the 104 compounds found in the plant, CBD contains little or no traces of THC – the compound responsible for the “high” in marijuana. This means CBD consumption does not have a psychoactive effect, although it is known to be effective in beating anxiety and depression.

CBD is beneficial in many ways to the teeth, as mentioned above, and to the body as well. It is a therapeutic compound that has found itself in products such as toothpaste, thanks to its antiseptic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory features. Though it sounds promising, the anti-bacteria property may alter the oral biome in the mouth, which is why it is extremely important to administer the oil in slight amounts first and stop on reaching the ideal dosage that helps deal with the issue you face.

CBD oil can be used for healing and dental procedures in the following ways:

Anyone who’s ever suffered at some stage knows tooth pain can be one of the most excruciating annoyances in life, if not cared for correctly. However, what most people do not know is that there are a number of holistic practices and remedies (as well as the obvious brush, floss, and dentist check-ups), which can vastly improve overall dental health. CBD comes into this bracket – with evidence proving that it can help to both protect teeth and alleviate tooth pain.

Does CBD Oil Help Teeth?

Though research on CBD in the dentist industry is relatively new, we already know CBD has been trialed and tested as a proficient anti-inflammatory and pain-killing agent. While CBD can be used to soothe any irritation or swelling, it also contains powerful antioxidants and immunity-boosting benefits which fight against bacteria (the original source of the pain).

A fascinating animal study in Brazil also looked at periodontitis in rats, and how CBD can help to improve weak dental bones. The rats treated with CBD oil for their bone loss had fewer biochemical inflammatory agents and less bone loss than the rats which had not been treated with CBD oil. Naturally, more studies need to take place for any solid conclusions in this area yet, but the signs are promising.

As with other health benefits related to CBD usage, an overall holistic approach to health is recommended when using CBD oil for tooth infections, aches, or discomfort.

cbd can help your teeth directly as well as indirectly by way of helping to improve your overall oral health. on a more direct level, cbd’s anti-bacterial properties mean that it can help regulate more than 700 bacterial species that live in our mouths. cbd also has antiseptic properties, meaning it may help prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms like streptococcus mutans, one of the primary bacteria known for causing cavities and tooth decay.

of all methods, taking cbd drops sublingually (under your tongue) results in the most rapid form of absorption. this is due to the amount of blood vessels found inside your mouth, and it is further suggested to hold cbd (or any other sublingual tincture) in your mouth for 30-60 seconds before swallowing in order to increase the amount that is absorbed in that manner. otherwise, it is effectively going to produce a similar result to oral consumption. (this is effective, but not as effective as sublingual consumption).

does cbd help teeth?

as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, smoking is bad for your mouth. we’ve all smelled someone’s breath after they’ve smoked a cigarette and it is not pleasant. you may have felt the same about smoking “marijuana,” especially if someone rolled up something that wasn’t of the highest quality or if you got the last hit of a party bowl. but does that mean cannabis use in all forms results in bad breath?

you may or may not be surprised to find out that cbd oil is absolutely not bad for your teeth! in fact, quite the contrary is true – cbd can actually be beneficial to your oral microbiome in a variety of ways due to its antibacterial, analgesic, and potential anti-inflammatory properties .

so what about cbd-infused toothpaste? we know cbd is good for your teeth, but does that mean you should be looking to buy a cbd toothpaste to use? are you missing out if you aren’t using a cbd toothpaste?