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I started taking CBD, mostly out of curiosity. I often get headaches, sometimes have trouble sleeping, have back and knee pain, etc. I was hopeful that I could replace ibuprofen and other harsh medicines with a more natural substance. I found that it was incredibly effective.

I have scoliosis and sometimes throw my back out. When this happens, it's like a lightning bolt of pain and I go down to the floor, where will I lay there for a few minutes to let the pain subside. Then, I'll be stuck wearing a back brace for a week. It sucks. When taking CBD as a painkiller, one 30mg Full Spectrum softgel replaces

My name is el-squatcho and I've been invested in weedstocks since July 2017. I consider myself fortunate to have found this sector when I did. Although I'm not even close to being a millionaire, I've made good money here. This is a sector I truly believe in on a number of different levels. One of the reasons I am a true believer is because of the medical/health/wellness potential of the plant. I also happen to vastly prefer Marijuana over alcohol for recreational purposes but that's just my personal preference and is beside the point of this post.

8 200mg Ibuprofen throughout the course of a day. It's not a magical cure, but it gets me off ibuprofen and works far better IMO at relieving the overall pain/discomfort. When used as a sleep aid, I find that I have restorative sleep, I stay asleep all night, I dream in vivid detail and wake up feeling great. It's awesome. I've also found it to be excellent as an anti-anxiety supplement. It is, in fact, kind of ridiculous how many legitimately effective uses I've found for CBD. I would be skeptical had I not tried it myself.

After taking only CBD oil daily, for a little over a month now, she is in REMISSION. The unknown skin issues are clearing up. She's feeling so much better now that she's not even using a cane anymore. Pain is almost nonexistent.

Along with 3rd party lab reports and industry reputation.

Did i take too much initially? Do i have to slowly introduce this oil to my system to handle it? Why has noone else complained of having the shits like i did!?

Great list and the fact that you posted pictures of the brands you reviewed gives weight to your opinion/judgement. Cheers!

I almost wonder if it's more a sensitivity to the CBD itself, because I've had that effect from certain SSRIs. Citalopram wracked me with diarrhea with the first dose, and again each time the dose was increased, yet was otherwise fine.

I am wrecked today with diarrhea. I was up at 5:30am running to bathroom and have been that way all day. After doing some homework, i found that this carrier can cause gastrointestinal issues similar to those that drink bulletproof coffee.

Anybody know if CBD can help with depression and inattentive adhd? I’m still on my journey to finding the right med combination to help me function like a normal person but I am not thrilled with the side effects that come along with these pills.. like, im currently taking one that can cause seizures if I happen to drink too much caffeine ? and I hate to think about what this kind of medicine can do to a person in the long run. So I would LOVE if somebody can share their knowledge about cbd with me and if there’s anything that might be able to help with my situation.