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cbd oil lisbon portugal

Following the legal change in 2018, Portugal established its medical cannabis laws and made CBD a prescription-only product. The new law is still chaotic, and buying CBD in Portugal is not that easy.

Personal cultivation of cannabis for medical use is not permitted — this includes both hemp and marijuana.

Nordic Oil Full-Spectrum CBD Oil (Europe)

Until mid-2018, you could buy CBD in a physical store as a food supplement. Today, CBD in Portugal is allowed only for medicinal use via a doctor’s prescription.

In ancient times, the Portuguese used cannabis for making tea, twines, nets, fishing lines, cords, ladders, bridges, shoes, clothes, shields, and helmets.

Hemp is a cannabis plant that doesn’t produce significant amounts of THC. In Portugal, hemp may not contain more than 0.2% THC, and hemp seeds destined for cultivation must be certified under the European Union’s directive on the marketing of seed of oil and fiber plants.

Shamon – Low quality hash, very cheap, very shitty…

Pollen – Medium quality hash – usually about 5€ a gram Bolota/Paki – High quality hash – about 10€ a gram

Lisbon Marijuana Prices: A better deal than the Dutch coffee shops: 10 € for 2 or so grams of excellent hash – fragrant & putty-like, up there with the best I’ve had. 10 € deals seem to be the norm.

Erva – This is the actual plant. Price varies according to dealer/quality.

Where to buy marijuana in Lisbon: Downtown, near the Baixa (where all the tourists go, & with good reason – it’s delightful), go to Praחa Martim Moniz. There are African guys hanging out there, sitting on the wall by the oleander bushes. I didn’t even need to ask around, they asked first: “queres fumar?” (do you want to smoke, pronounced “keresh fum’).

Law Enforcement: The police are usually quite friendly and will generally not disturb you as long as you are not causing trouble, but of course, this is not a strict rule. If you do get caught, 2 things can happen:

Brands: Even though marijuana is very common in portugal, it is rarely found as actual bud. Instead, you often have to buy hash. There are several important names to keep in mind when buying in portugal: