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cbd oil legal in victoria

Read more about where to buy CBD oil in Australia, and over the counter CBD oil that is available at pharmacies and chemists without a prescription – here!

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a schedule 4 prescription medicine that any GP, local doctor or specialist can prescribe.

Which doctors in VIC are authorised to prescribe medicinal cannabidiol (CBD)?

Victoria’s government allows you to receive a prescription for CBD oil from the following health professionals:

CBD oil starts becoming a regular medicine to improve on peoples health. Similar to fish oil or vitamins.

Discussion opens up about having CBD oil legally available over the counter.

But CBD research takes money, something which scientists are notoriously short on. And ideally they’d be able to grow their own products here to research but that would take less regulation, something which governments are notoriously fond of.

Of course, if you do go that route, there’s the issue of cost, which is prohibitive for a lot of people. Sitting at about $10-$15 a day, “you’d probably find it’s cheaper to grow your own (and a lot of people do).”

So, what’s legally available in Australia?

After Grace was diagnosed with cancer, she turned to medicinal cannabis. But getting it legally was a challenge, so she’s sticking with the black market — and experts say her experience is common.

“CBD got caught up in the whole medical cannabis legalisation thing that happened from late 2016,” Dr Iain explains. As part of that, there was a “torturous process” set up for Australians to access CBD, whereby you had to go through a doctor, hope said doctor is educated about CBD and is in favour of its use, then persuade them that CBD is right for you, then they would need to write a complicated application and send that off to Canberra to the TGA who would then decide either way.

“The hype is almost certainly wrong. The idea that it’s just a placebo is almost certainly wrong, as well. So the truth is somewhere in between. What we have to do as scientists is work out what that truth actually is.”

*Name changed to protect the person's identity.

Despite the legalisation of medicinal cannabis in Australia, group bodies such as the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) continue to take a cautious stance on prescribing medicinal cannabis patients, calling for more high-quality research into the safety and effectiveness of it.

Between the start of 2020 and May 31, more than 18,000 applications for medical cannabis were approved by the TGA.

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But concerns about the illegalities of the drug started to weigh on her conscience, and she worried about the chemical composition of the CBD oil she was taking.

The standard advice for cannabis patients is to wait five days before driving, or risk a fine or a suspended licence, but there is ongoing debate about how much impairment THC actually causes.

Professor Lintzeris was the lead researcher in a study on how Australians use medicinal cannabis — for everything from chronic pain to mental health conditions.

"But the illegal CBD oil I got straight away, it was very easy to access and cost effective. So I opted to stay using the illegal source."