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An online cannabis extract search might lead you away from Cambridge, Guelph, Doon Heritage Village, Brantford, Woodstock, or Stratford. But with Think Botanicals, you have continued access to your medication if you’re around Kitchener. After entering your details, a single tap of the order button will bring your cart contents to your doorstep.

People use cannabis (Indica or Sativa variants) to treat medical conditions even thousands of years ago. But recent studies show that CBD products provide:

You Don’t Need to Go Beyond Waterloo to Buy CBD Products

Cannabis dispensaries around Canada are quite the first ones to provide cannabidiol items for non-recreational use legally. After implementing the C-45 (Cannabis Act) in 2018, legal transactions paved the way for CBD that law enforcers allow. However, there are restrictions for the public, which only people of legal age who can show prescriptions can avail this healing compound.

We supply CBD products even outside Ontario if you are looking for this cannabis extract. But successful shipping of legal marijuana products across Canada is a demanding task, especially around Ontario. Think Botanicals team will note your situation and account for other appointments related to providing a seamless delivery. We will keep your information safe, which might include your name, phone number, email address, and choice of services.

Oral intake for adults, CBD concentrates or edibles, has a safe amount of up to 300 mg daily for six months. Prescription cannabis, however, has a higher dose, amounting to up to 25 mg/ Kg daily. We recommend you contact your physician at your nearest clinic for professional advice and prescription.

We make getting your medical cannabis prescription easy. Appointments are always fully confidential, and our medical staff adhere hold themselves to the highest standards in the medical cannabis clinic industry.

Call our professional team in Kitchener, Ontario to have a meeting scheduled with an expert medical cannabis practitioner today. For your convenience, you can call us at any time of the day. That includes nights and weekends!

Medical Cannabis Prescription Process in Kitchener, Ontario

Going through the process of getting a medical marijuana prescription in Kitchener, Ontario can be quite a challenge. But Bodystream Medical Cannabis Clinics makes it simple and this article will outline the process. Bodystream staff will guide you through the many steps of the process, from finding a doctor, filling out the required paper, sending the information to a Licensed Producer (LP), and then acquiring your medical marijuana prescription.

Insurance coverage – Your insurance may cover the cost of your medical cannabis. That includes the cost of acquiring the prescription as well.
Medical tax write off – You may receive tax benefits when you file your next tax return
Supervised by a physician – The support of a professional physician is there for you if you have any questions about your medical cannabis journey
Better pricing and selection – Better low-cost options when purchasing through an LP.
Convenience – Order online and you can obtain your medical marijuana the next day.

After conversing with one of our licensed physicians, you?ll obtain your medical marijuana prescription and you can finally begin purchasing medical cannabis.

After your consultation, we’ll book a follow up with you to see how you are doing, and if need be, we’ll help fine-tune your approach to using medical cannabis to achieve optimal results.

Here at Canadian Cannabis Clinics Kitchener, we’ve helped thousands of Canadians manage and improve symptoms associated with conditions like PTSD , chronic pain , arthritis and even depression. We can help you find the most suitable treatment plan for your condition too.

Our Kitchener medical cannabis clinic is located at 885 Glasgow Street, on the corner of Fischer-Hallman Road and Glasgow Street at the Glasgow Mews shopping centre.

Where Is Canadian Cannabis Clinics Located in Kitchener?

Our Kitchener cannabis clinic can help you choose the right path towards your journey of wellbeing.

As Canada’s leading provider of access and education to medical cannabis, Canadian Cannabis Clinics always strives to deliver high quality care and help enhance the lives of our patients by giving them all the education they’ll need.

Our healthcare practitioners work side-by-side with a team of highly experienced medical cannabis educators to ensure the best path towards healing with medical cannabis is chosen for every patient’s individual needs, creating Better Days for thousands of Canadians.

Upon visiting our Kitchener clinic, you will be assessed by a healthcare practitioner who will determine your specific needs. An on-site medical cannabis educator will also give you advice and guidance on using your medical cannabis products once the healthcare practitioner authorizes a medical cannabis document (which is your prescription).