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During the Maritime Republics, hemp was the most important crop because of its flexibility and resistance to water. The Italian fleets needed tons of fiber for ropes and sails, and Italy had the perfect soil for cannabis cultivation.

Hemp cultivation for fiber and textile is an old tradition in Italy, and the crop was used for food, oils for lightning, traditional tablecloths, ropes and sails, clothing, and animal feed.

Marijuana in Italy is legal for medical purposes and decriminalized for recreational use. As a member state of the European Union, Italy respects the imposed THC limit of 0.2% — according to the EU, any cannabis plant that has more THC than this is considered marijuana..06 – Italy has grown cannabis for ages. As an agriculture-dependent country, Italy found hemp to be a highly lucrative crop..13

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After more than 40 years, Italy brought a new law (2016) that allows hemp cultivation without a license as long as its THC concentration does not exceed 0.2%.

Italy has a centuries-long cannabis tradition, and hemp continues to be a significant crop. Hemp with 0.2% THC is legal for cultivation, but only certain varieties approved by the government are permitted.

The first and most frustrating obstacle is that customs can seize your product. The restrictions mostly fall on businesses, but don’t get surprised if the authorities take your product. When laws are hanging undefined, it’s not difficult to fall into their cobweb.

The new law caused many uncertainties regarding CBD’s legality. Although it says that products derived from Cannabis sativa L. are illegal under the Italian drug control law, it excludes products that are free of narcotic effects. However, it is still unknown what products are considered unable to produce “narcotic effects,” as there is no new THC limit.

CBD oil and Cannabis Light are both legal and available for purchase throughout Italy, in fact, Italy offers more leniency in Cannabis products than many other European nations, but not quite as much as some others.

As with online, Italy allows CBD oil to be purchased from shops as long as the THC content is less than 0.6% THC. While some legal debate over the status of “Cannabis Light”, a high CBD low THC strain of Cannabis, has begun amongst law makers, it is still legal to purchase Cannabis Light from shops

CBD’s Legal Status in Italy

This 2016 allowance for hemp cultivation does not come with a restriction of the manufacturing of CBD oil for personal use.

Italy allows for CBD oil to be bought and sold online as long as it contains less than 0.6% THC, relatively high compared to some other European nations. Italy also allows for Cannabis strains high in CBD and low in THC, called “Cannabis Light” to be sold.

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