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Vapen CBD’s goal is to create the highest quality, highest quality products produced by leading experts in the cannabis industry dedicated to improving the cannabis education program for local patients through the Arizona Medical Marijuana program.

Santana Smooth: Carlos Santana Label and Marisol Therapeutics have produced their own Santana Smooth inhalers. Each Santana Smooth contains 1,000 mg with 650 mg of THC and CBD distillates for one hundred regulated puffs, each with 6.5-7 mg of cannabinoids and 1-2 mg of terpenes.

Santana Smooth CBD Inhaler

CBD can also help you quit smoking, which is obviously a great benefit to your lungs and overall health. Clinical studies have shown that people who use CBD inhalers reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke per day by 40% [7] . If you want to quit smoking but want to help in a less stressful way, CBD could likely help.


Other alleged health benefits of CBD are:

Now that we’ve shown you how we select the top CBD inhalers, let’s have a look at:


Source of Hemp

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Although Koi offers a variety of ways to deliver beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes into the body, the technology behind many of these delivery methods is newer.. For centuries, humans were only able to experience the benefits of cannabis through one method: smoking dried bud from the plant. Today, absorption through the lungs continues to be a viable way to bring CBD and other cannabinoids into the body, but technological advances have provided us with many new options for getting CBD into the body, including CBD inhalers.

Options for CBD inhalation

Koi Hemp Extract | CBD Inhaler

Absorption of CBD and other cannabinoids through the lungs is both rapid and efficient. Traditionally this is done by smoking or vaping, but now there’s a new option.

CBD inhalers: Rapid absorption with no fuss

While many people continue to take cannabinoids by smoking the cannabis plant, it isn’t for everybody. Many people are not aware that smokable hemp flower with less than 0.3% THC even exists. However, CBD flower still requires high heat and results in a smoke that might be offensive to others. Beyond that, though, not everybody likes the high temperature of the inhaled smoke, which can irritate sensitive lungs. Vaping CBD is an option that offers better control over temperature while also providing a range of options for strength and flavors. However, not everybody wants to invest in the devices needed for vaping CBD, and it might not be a good fit for their lifestyle. This is where the Koi CBD Inhaler comes in.