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cbd oil golden retriever

Find a brand that you trust. Preferably one that is third-party tested for quality. Several companies make CBD oil for pets, these are often a safer option because companies know to keep THC out of pet CBD oil. It is still important to check that there is no THC even though the company says it is safe for pets.

It is highly important to look for CBD oil that contains no THC when you are buying it for your dog. Dogs are incredibly sensitive to stimulants and can become very sick with very low doses of stimulants, including THC.

The carrier oil is also something to keep in mind when looking for CBD oil. MCT oil is usually a good choice as long as your dog doesn’t have a coconut allergy. Hemp-derived CBD in hemp oil is always a good option since these can work synergistically together.


It is always a good idea to talk with a holistic vet before giving CBD oil, especially if your pet is on medication. For dosing follow the manufacturer’s directions to start with. However, overdosing on CBD oil is pretty much unheard of. So, if you feel, after a few weeks, that the manufacturer’s dose is too low try adding a half dose more. It is a good idea to keep notes on how your dog was before CBD and how he does after. This will help you to notice if the CBD oil is helping or not.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol. This substance is often derived from marijuana, but it can come from other plants, like the hemp plant. However, CBD does not create any sort of “high” like marijuana does. Another substance, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of the main compounds of marijuana that creates the “high.”

So, great system, right? But where does CBD oil come into play? Well, many of the cells that make up the endocannabinoid system have receptors that are looking for cannabinoids, like CBD. When CBD binds with these receptors it can cause all sorts of changes in the body. All these changes are to help the body reach and maintain homeostasis.

I am sure that you have heard an abundance of claims for what CBD has helped or cured people and pets from. You can hear claims of CBD oil helping with extreme arthritis, curing cancer, helping with heart problems, gut issues, pain. There are claims that it can prevent dementia and insomnia. There are also claims that CBD can improve mood, protect against depression and anxiety, even help with PTSD. Basically, if there is a problem that plagues mankind and their pets there is a claim that CBD can help. But can it?

If you’re worried about safety, purchase CBD products that are made only in the US and Canada. Make sure that the products are 100% safe, and that they have been tested. Closely examine all the ingredients in the product, and if you have questions, consult with your veterinarian. It’s best to purchase CBD oil as a tincture for your Golden Retriever, so that dosage is easier to manage. CBD oil can be found in some dog treats. Opt for organic CBD dog treats that have high-quality ingredients.

Finding the best CBD oil should be simple, and with all our up-to-date information you’ll become familiar with CBD dosing, all the health conditions it helps, and learn more about the purity and consistency of CBD oil.

“The recent increase in the number of CBD products may be because of both recent changes in state law, and because the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp — defined as cannabis and cannabis derivatives with very low concentrations (no more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis) of THC — from the definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act. However, CBD products are still subject to the same laws and requirements as FDA-regulated products that contain any other substance.” via FDA. The FDA is working to learn more about the safety of CBD and CBD products. More specifically: The safety of CBD use in animals (e.g., species, breed, or class) including pets.

Being Smart About Hemp CBD

Keeping Your Golden Retriever pain- free, and stress-free during illness should always be a priority. There are times when your Golden Retriever will hide the pain he feels during illness, making it difficult for pet parents to guess how their dog is feeling. That said, Golden Retrievers will not be lethargic with CBD. They will find pain relief from hemp CBD, most especially if cancer pain or inflammation is severe.

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Hemp contains other natural compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. That said, limonene, which is a terpene has been found to have anti-cancerous properties. If your Golden Retriever has cancer, he will most likely have trouble eating, and will have trouble keeping weight on. Maintaining weight mass is critical to longevity during canine cancer treatment, so the goal is to overcome the nasty side effects of chemotherapy like nausea with CBD oil.

The cannabis industry is exploding in Canada and in the US today. That said, the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant have helped both man and canine. In this blog, we’ll outline the benefits and practical applications of using CBD oil in Golden Retrievers.