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cbd oil four corners

* “Superior product genetics
* Boutique seed to finished product operation
* Simple product options on website
* Exceptional customer support
* Orders shipped within 24 hours

Rave Reviews gave 4 Corners Cannabis their highest rating for providing the highest quality product with customer reviews backing this claim. ( Though the review mentions the prices are slightly higher than normal, they believe the quality of the product matched the price.

4 Corners Cannabis run large groups on social media to engage with consumers. The company prides itself on customer support and uses the constant feedback with its customers to consistently improve and expand their products. The website encourages new users to join their Facebook group and receive real reviews from its users.


Pedigree (Animals)
The Pedigree oil was developed for consumption by animals. This product can be used for any domesticated animal; dosage is determined by body weight. Ingredients are MCT Oil and CBD dominant hemp extract.

User Reviews:

This salve is applied topically to provide muscle relief. This can be used with other CBD products to provide more long-term relief. Ingredients in the salve are coconut oil, beeswax, antioxidants, CBD dominant hemp extract, and Choice Terpenes.

The only negatives reported were:
* “High-end prices (but an exceptional product); 10% off with promo code “cbdoilusers”
* Only ships to U.S.” (

4 Corners also caters to the pickiest and tiniest of pups, with their peanut butter-flavored and CBD isolate variants. Here’s a full look at 4 Corners Cannabis .

“This is the only thing that has ever gotten my cat to stop attacking my ankles!”

4 Corners Cannabis rating

“I love this product. I’ve been giving it to my Saint Bernard for about 4.5 years for anxiety, joint pain and a tumor on his liver(which is now gone).”

Despite being such a rich, organically grown oil, Four Corners Cannabis offers their product for a highly competitive price, at between 7 and 20 cents per mg of CBD depending on the bottle size.

Colorado through-and-through, Four Corners Cannabis is named after the region in which their crop is grown. Since 2013, founders the Jasiewicz brothers have been making waves in both the human and pet CBD markets, winning the Cannabis Cup not long after they switched from cultivating marijuana plants to industrial hemp.

Hence, there is an opportunity to provide more discount codes or incentives, such as deals, to encourage customer loyalty and entice potential users to try the brand.

The dosage of these tinctures depends on the user’s body weight .

4 Corners Cannabis derives hemp oil from ground hemp flowers using extremely low temperatures that guarantee to preserve the extract’s quality. The company believes that such a process yields the highest quality CBD .

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Salve Review

To find the product potency, one should simply look at the amount of cannabinoid expressed in milligrams per gram.

The company’s exciting flavor lineup includes avocado, cinnamon, coconut citrus, sweet citrus, and choco mint.

4 Corners Cannabis values transparency. Its third-party lab results are available on the company website and accessible by scanning products’ QR codes.

The company guarantees that they only use the best ingredients and top-quality hemp plants. Plant materials that do not meet their criteria are composted back to the soil.