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Mary- Here is the deal as I see it today (am always learning) after much consultation with respected physicians in the field…THC is not a placebo unlike CBD. Taken in relative “microdoses” (the only way to do this scientifically is with capsules, otherwise the actual ingested dose is guesswork, particularly if smoked), it does decrease anxiety, causes some pain relief (prob not as much as advil but noted nonetheless), and helps with sleep. It is also a mild appetite stimulant. Only other “side effect” is feeling of mild euphoria, which prob gives it addiction potential; however this is certainly better (imo) than Parkinson’s depression/anxiety. Sativa vs. indica prob not an issue at microdoses. Some neurologists be concerned with longer term cognitive impairment, however studies don’t support this and I don’t think this is a long term problem with the proper dosing . As with any medicine, risks must be weighed versus benefits for each patient. Thus not for everyone, and definitively needs to be done under competent physician supervision. Disclaimer: None of this is medical advice, just sharing what I know.

Andrew- that definitely could be the case. But there’s evidence that suggests that even if you know something is a placebo, it can have positive impacts on your body. For that reason, I like to come up with little tricks for my Dad (diagnosed in 2013).

We also tried a daily dose but could not identify a change in his on-off pattern or in the severity of the off periods. Presumably a higher dose would help (if the bottle contains what it says it contains; gotta be careful about that now in the Amazon era), but it was already many times the cost of his normal meds for a very limited benefit, so we discontinued it.

I’ve had similar thoughts, that THC (the anecdotal stories of what it might do are very interesting), along with maybe a dose-dependent anti-inflammatory effect (and the general health benefits associated with reduction of inflammation) might be what is really going on with cannabidiol.

I tried the highest strength of Charlotte’s Web for my relative with late-stage Parkinson’s and dementia. I found that it definitely did *something*— when we gave it to him in reaction to bad off periods (spasms, pain, etc.) there was about a 50%-60% chance that it would make the spasms go away and completely relax him… but only for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Wife With Parkinson’s takes Greenforia CBD 1000mg Full Spectrum Tincture twice a day under her tongue. She swears by it. It helps with muscle pain and stiffness. She takes one dose in the morning and one at bedtime for sleep. It is very effective for her anxiety which triggers her tremors.

CBD does not interfere with her meds and her doctor supports her taking it.

We have become CBD connoisseurs over the years and know all the best places to find information and see reviews. If you are here and need some unbias recommendations then before you check out the best CBD forums, you can also see our recommendations right here!

Reddit is a fantastic website that we are huge fans of, and the CBD community on Reddit is thriving. For anyone based in the UK, there is actually a great subreddit dedicated to CBD in the UK, called /r/CBD_UK. It has a great selection of questions, news and general updates about CBD. It’s also very active, with comments and posts being published every day and over 1000 subscribers, most of which are actually based in the UK. We love this CBD forum and would say it’s probably the best place to hang out if you’re interested in chatting to other people online based in the UK about CBD!

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Lots of love and hugs to you and Good Luck with everything you’re going through.

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Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

I saw you were asking about CBD oil so I just wanted to quickly pop by and recommend you speak to your medical team about this as they’ll be in the best position tell you more about this produce. It may interfere with the treatment your partner is about to embark on as well as carry other side effects or risks so do make sure you discuss this with them first before trying anything.

Definitly check with your medical team before doing Anything, but I saw your post about the Holland And Barrett CBD oil and felt I had to comment. A few of us within our family had tried the Holland And Barrett one for chronic pain symptoms. We all thought we had gone crazy when after just one use, we went back to the bottle a month or so, and found it empty! It was only when we told eachother that we clocked the same thing seemed to have happened. I don’t know whether that’s something that happens will all oils, and I don’t know whether it evaporates or something (I have no idea) but we just felt angry we had spent so much money on it from a reputable company we use a lot, for us to not even get ant use out of!

Thank you for you lovely reply, this forum has been a god send to me xxx