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cbd oil for fibroids

Though the rules allow citizens to carry CBD, there are limits to buying CBD. These rules will differ from one state to another, but in most states, CBD must have a limited amount of THC to be considered legal. Anything beyond that threshold would be considered a felony. To be exact, the amount of THC should stay under 0.3%; anything beyond that would be illegal.

The promising anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have been helpful to many people in reducing pain from chronic conditions. To those seeking an alternative to traditional methods long used to reduce pain CBD has been their new go to remedy. The reason why we are witnessing a HUGE spike in interest around CBD and its uses is that more people now know about what CBD really is. This information has sparked the CBD Movement and has been enlightening peoples minds and improving their quality of life across the United States over the past 2 years.

CBD oil may have a beneficial effect on the size of already existing fibroids. In 1995, it was reported that the prolonged use of an OC produced a significant shrinkage in myomas’ size;33 however, immediately after, the journal published a formal retraction.34

How can CBD help you deal with Fibroids?

With three million adults and an estimated three to four million women in the United States using marijuana, researchers decided to conduct a scientific study to determine if the plant could be a substitute to traditional treatment options.

The legalization of CBD is taking place all over the states; more states have now legalized possession of CBD and extended the right to farm and sell products. This was a new step to introducing CBD to people. However, some states have not legalized possessing CBD for medication. We will see if any changes take place overriding those laws. The reception of CBD has been more than welcomed by a lot of people suffering from chronic terminal diseases.

Fibroids can cause a woman to feel like she has a golf ball or tennis ball in her abdomen. The condition can also increase the risk of miscarriage and cervical cancer.

Research to prove that marijuana has a positive impact on patients with certain diseases is not allowed under federal law.

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KC: The youth are strong! Please know that if you’re given a fibroid diagnosis at a young age, consider dietary and lifestyle changes as they can reduce inflammation in the lower abdomen and lead to healthier choices in the future.

KC: In my clinic, I have a very clear treatment plan when approaching fibroids. Most commonly I’ll use acupuncture points in the lower abdomen attached to electric stimulation. The combination of acupuncture plus electricity employs a local and gentle Qi flow to the affected area for increased red and white blood cell circulation. As a Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage therapist, I also work directly with the fibroids through bodywork, this can be extremely effective in reducing their size and breaking up stagnation.


For me, holistic approaches as well as non-Western options matter. I am grateful that I have access to other wellness options outside of the doctor’s office and it feels important to share this information. As long as holistic treatments and preventative wellness are not things that Western Medicine offers, the majority of people seeking treatment are not receiving all the information in a standard doctor visit with the OB-GYN. My mother didn’t. And I certainly didn’t either.

This article, the fact that this was written and that this website exists has brought me to tears. Thank you. I have felt so alone and uncertain… still don’t know what to do but it helps reading all of your stories and advice. I am gonna seek out a doctor in natural. Eastern medicine before I make a decision. At my age, I am running out of time to have children so I want to do what I need to ASAP. I am fully aware that at 41, there is a greater chance for miscarriage and other chromosomal abnormalities but I really feel in my case, it is likely due to the fibroids. Again, no way to tell. I had a different partner with each documented miscarriage, years apart so could not be me. Being pregnany feels so wonderful… other than the incredibly uncomfortable fibroids enlarging my uterus.

NU: All the treatments above reduce pain from fibroids as the excess estrogen is cleansed from the body and fibroids begin to shrink. Fibro Defense, in particular, is helpful. Other pain relief options are warm castor oil packs do wonders for fibroid pain, essential oils like clary sage, thyme, and frankincense (a few drops of each combined with a bit of carrier oil massaged over the lower belly), sipping on teas like red raspberry leaf, nettle, and dandelion (I like a strong concoction of all three sipped throughout menses), yoga, and acupuncture are all very effective at managing painful symptoms. But again, all of this must be combined with diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes to really work.

Hi, my name is Penny and I have had fibroids since I was 22 at least. Now I am 66 and I believe that I’m experiencing a prolapse. Approximately 1 year ago, possibly more I had a ultra sound and it didn’t show anything but I believe it was in the very earliest stage. I don’t want to get an operation if I don’t have to. I would be very grateful for any information that you could give to help me. Thanks so much, Penny

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Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that sometimes grow in the lining of the uterus. While fibroids are usually harmless, they can sometimes cause pain, discomfort, and difficult periods. Although some research suggests that cannabinoids like CBD might be able to reduce the growth of tumors, there’s not much evidence that it can help specifically with fibroids. [1] X Trustworthy Source National Cancer Institute An agency in the National Institutes of Health focused on cancer research and patient support Go to source However, if your fibroids are painful, CBD oil might help reduce your pain and discomfort. [2] X Trustworthy Source Harvard Medical School Harvard Medical School’s Educational Site for the Public Go to source You can take it in a variety of forms, including as a tincture, an edible, or even a suppository. Just talk to your doctor before trying CBD to make sure it’s a safe option for you.