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cbd oil for dogs toronto

CBD is proving to be a natural, accessible alternative to veterinary pharmaceuticals for several common ailments. After years of positive results, veterinary research is now turning to CBD to get a closer look.

A large-scale survey of US veterinarians revealed strong support for the use of CBD products in animals, with over 70% of veterinarians reporting CBD as having been helpful for dogs with pain, anxiety, epilepsy and phobias (such as fear of storms or fireworks).

Veterinarians Agree.

Ultimately, the well-being of your pet is in your hands. If you think CBD could help your animal, we invite you to do the research, try it out, and join us in helping our furry friends live the balanced, healthy life they deserve.

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She is especially excited about CBD products for cats because cats don’t tolerate non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and there aren’t a lot of other medicines for cats with arthritis.

The product Mozisek uses most is from ElleVet, which has had many clinical trials for mobility issues in dogs. It has not had as many trials for treating behaviour such as anxiety. Those trials were put on pause because of COVID-19.

Mozisek says a lot of arthritis in cats gets missed because we don’t walk them, but if you notice your cat isn’t jumping around as much that might be a sign he or she is hurting.

Respected pet brands have been doing a lot of studies and research to see what the safe dosing levels should be and whether it actually works.

She likes to get blood work done on a dog or cat before starting a CBD product to get a baseline, then test again a month or two later to make sure nothing has changed. A vet also will make sure your animal doesn’t have any condition or take any other medication that would make CBD not the right choice. Certain breeds, like toy breeds or breeds that have smushy faces like pugs, also are more sensitive to CBD products.

Look for veterinary CBD products that have had third-party clinical trials.

You won’t know if it will work on your pet until you field test it, she says.